Baby Adult


I have officially started my real teaching career last week, May 2nd, 2017. That will be the date when I will celebrate my teaching career. InsyaAllah, if Allah wills, I should have another 36 years to go but, who knows I might be marrying a rich guy and can survive with my pension at the age of 40. Oh keep dreaming Fina! But, I love teaching, I cannot see myself doing another job. 

This place is so alien for me. It is 5 hours away from my hometown. I have never imagined being sent here. Heck, I did not even apply for this state. It feels so surreal and honestly, I always feel like I want to cry everytime I am on my way home for the past two weeks.

For now, I am baby adulting. I live like an adult but at the same time, I am still crawling. My allowance, petrol and even my car are paid by my lovely parents. They even came here to set up my room and house. The room was totally empty but now it is quite comfortable for me to live here. Bless them. I will always pray that Allah will reward them because they truly deserve it for raising me and always do their best to make me comfortable. 

Oh shoot, I want to cry now. I should call Ibu now. Later!