AOAL: Hedwig Books and Cafe


I have been dreaming to open a book café for quite some time because there is no book café near my place but now I do not have to start up an f&b business anymore. There is one already! It is Hedwig Books and Café. Surprisingly, it is in Kota Bahru, Kelantan which is near to my house. Well, 40 minutes is considered near for orang kampong who always shop for stuff at the city.

What makes it more interesting is, the theme of the café itself is based on Harry Potter! Oh my god! For a potterhead like me, it is like going to Hogwarts already. So much exaggeration, I know.

They serve coffee, desserts and pasta but I asked for pasta at 12pm and they said, they did not have it, maybe yet? The thing is, I already confirmed with them on the Instagram page that they do serve pasta during brunch or lunch hour. Hmm.. I was a bit disappointed that afternoon.

I ordered coffee and took away two desserts. Honestly, the coffee tasted mediocre but worth the price (about RM7-RM8 for hot mocha and hot chocolate). The desserts were a bit disappointing because they were too sweet to my liking. It is Kelantan anyway, the land of sweetness.

The are various choice of books too and they provide rental service. If I live in KB, I would rent a book or two but I do not go to KB as often as I did, so I do not want to take the risk. 

Anyway, the best thing about the place is, there are a few choices of board games. It is a suitable place to hang out with friends and play games instead of pretending to talk while scrolling Instagram. My brother and I tried a few board games and we were joined by two tiny friends. One was, a daughter of a customer and the other one was the little boss. He was chatty and he showed us how to play Harry Potter Scrabble. I admit, that Harry Potter Scrabble is another level of Scrabble game. It was a bit hard but fun.

For those who yet cannot afford to go to Harry Potter Universal Studio, fret not, you can unleash your inner modelling talent here. They have the Hogwarts cloaks with some glasses and a wand for you to pose but if you only plan to go there for the props, uh-uh you won't get a chance because they are strictly for customers only.

Anyway, this is a video that I edited based on my instastories.


Adventure of a lifetime


I stumbled upon a post on Instagram and it redefined my view on adventure. It was posted by someone who had the same experience of redefining the meaning of adventure and surprisingly the original post's owner is someone who I am acquainted with. A girl from my lab group during my foundation days. I'm not sure if she knows me but, she should recognize my face because we had labs thrice a week.

Check her Instagram (Her pictures are the epitome of coolness): Irdina

What I want to highlight from her words is, "Adventure of a lifetime is life itself. It lies in what you spent most of your time doing. We just have to be present and find our purpose."

I love to repeat this, find the positivity in everything including something mundane. Then, you will live a happier life and stop comparing. I am guilty as charged too because I always compare my life with others. It is not healthy and it makes me become kufr. I have to be grateful. Being grateful takes a lot of practices. When was the last time I said Alhamdulillah whenever I woke up and found myself still living in my body?


My time


I do some freelance jobs from time to time. Why? Because it helps me in having enough money to spend for shopping. I shop a little bit too much nowadays especially on skincare and makeups. I am slowly getting things that I could not get before. It feels so worth it because I use my own money that I work so hard for.

Sometime, I feel super tired but whenever I look at other figures like Vivy and Neelofa, I think my schedule is not that tight. Their schedules are super packed. I watched a video that Vivy posted yesterday, a day in her life. It started from 7 am until 12.30am the next day. She managed to squeeze time for family, work and friends and she has the time to update her blog and vlog. So, whenever I feel tired, I would remind myself tiredness after doing a lot of things in a day is good. Just make sure, that your day is productive.

Especially when I'm home, I waste a lot of time doing nothing but scrolling Instagram. It is so unhealthy. Maybe, I should practice this, clean up or sort something if you feel unproductive because after you did that, you can tell yourself at least I have cleaned something today. Let's fill the time wisely!



2017 is the year which I lost so many close friends.

There must be something wrong with me. Am I not worthy of being a friend? Are my personalities that bad? Am I annoying?

Stop looking at others'


Have you heard about the famous hadith, which sounds "You need to lower your gaze." I have read somewhere on Facebook, on a post shared by my acquaintance. Lower your gaze does not mean to only lower your gaze from looking at the opposite gender but it also include the lower your gaze from looking at what others own.

With the technology nowadays, we have the access to look at people's live. As nowadays people are excited to share what they have to the world. Uhuh, I am guilty as charged. This is actually unhealthy. We look at what people have and then we feel bad of not having it. Like, someone has an iPhone X, and your old edition of iPhone seems outdated. We tend to forget, others do not even have the privilege to own a smartphone or even the basic handphone. 

What I want myself to practice is, always look at what you have and be grateful. Avoid to look at others' things. It is unhealthy and leads you to be greedy. For example, wanting to buy a new pink scarf when you saw a different shade of pink online is also not good, Fina. Hahaha.




I spent a lot of time playing games which were installed in a PC at my parents' house. I do not want to install the games on my laptop because it will ruin everything, including my career (Although these games almost ruin my freelance career). One of the games that I have been playing for days is Roller Coaster Tycoon. I think, this one is the third edition. 

I chose to play the career mode where there are a lot of scenarios for me to explore. In each scenario, there are three goals to be achieved. They are divided into apprentice, entrepreneur and tycoon. To finish each scenario, I have to pass all three goals. For each goal, there are a few criteria and they are different for each scenario. Why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this because, I want to share something that I learn from playing this game. Sometime, when I undergone the scenario, there were challenges that would pop up suddenly. There was one time, when I took quite sometime to pass apprentice level. I was focusing on tackling the challenge until I forgot that I should focus of the goal.

This is what I want to relate in my life. Sometime, when we are being tested with challenges, we tend to forget our main goal. It is important to check our goal on daily basis. As for now, I am not sure of what is my goal in life? I think, that is why I have been wasting a lot of my time. Oh shoot!



I went to Myeondong today. Well, it is the newly opened Myeondong Topokki in Kuala Terengganu not Myeondong in Korea. Actually, I was craving for Tteobokki for quite sometime but I did not manage to go to any Korean Restaurant. As I went to Kuala Terengganu today, I told my mum that I wanted to go to this restaurant. So, we stopped by the restaurant and I ordered takeaway.

There are a lot of menu choices. The system at the shop is, you order and pay at the counter then you wait for the waiter to ring the bell and you pick up your order according to the number given. For me, for a restaurant that a meal costs almost RM20, it is not really to my liking to queue and wait for my food. Well, KFC and McDonald also use the same system but their food is cheaper.

A meal set comes with one dish, three side dishes (kimchi, some carrot and long bean cooked with oyster sauce, and fried anchovies and nut) and four slices of kimbap. I ordered Rabokki set and Hangul Chicken Ramyun Set.

As the name of the restaurant is Myeondong Topokki the Rabokki which consists of Topokki and some noodles should taste nice and fortunately it does not disappoint my taste bud. I quite like it. While for Hangul Chicken Ramyun, it is quite disappointing because there was not much chicken in it. For the soup, I think because we are so used to eating Maggi, the soup tastes a bit bland.

Will I go to the restaurant again? Yes, I will but, only for the Toppokki. 

Dry Patches Gone


I rarely slept in air conditioned room at night but I had no choice a few days ago. I ended up with some dry patches on my cheeks. I have been trying to cure it by putting on sheet mask but it did not work. I was planning to continue putting the sheet mask the next night but, that evening as I was binging on Vlogs on YouTube I found a video about 10 Steps Korean Skincare Routines.

I watched this vlogger practicing the steps for a month. It is ridiculously lengthy and tedious but I was curious, so I tried it yesterday night. I do not have all the stuff that I was supposed to put on my face. Let me tell you a bit about the steps. There are 10 steps in total including sunblock. As it was at night, so I did only 9 steps.

The steps mainly cover cleansing, toning and moisturising but under these three steps there are a few different products. I did some (really just a few articles) on what to do and what are the recommended products. Anyhoo, I only have one Korean based skincare in my collection which is a chemical exfoliator that I just started trying for a month or two. Based on the steps below, I used all the products that I use most of the time.

STEP 1: Cleansing Oil
I used the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Cleansing Oil. This is really expensive but it is so worth it. The normal price is RM57 but I got it from Shopee at RM46 and now on Hermo it is RM41 something. I used this to remove my makeup when I'm at school during lunch break and I usually spray some moisturiser but my face looks so fresh compared to when I used micellar water before.

STEP 2: Face Wash
I have been using Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash for more than a year. It suits my normal to combination skin. My cheeks can be dry sometime and the oil is visible on my nose. There are a few facial cleanser produced by Simple. This one is suitable for my needs.

STEP 3: Exfoliator
I started using Simple Clean Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub a while ago and the packaging claims, "64% less blackhead in 7 days". Well the claim is kind of true. There was less blackhead but there was still some of them. Well, if you really want it to go away, you need to go for a facial appointment. I do not really like this scrub because it feels the same. I am thinking of changing into something else. Maybe Skinfood? The scrub that I still love the most is Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. It is hard to get it at a reasonable price since there is no Lush outlet in Malaysia. 

I am still at Step 3 as I used Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid as my chemical exfoliator. I have serious whitehead problem. Sometime my nose can be a thermometer as when it is too hot, the whiteheads will appear like there is a whitehead party. This exfoliator cannot be used often as whenever I put it on my face, there is a tinge of revulsion. It feels a little bit hot as the liquid is really concentrated. I just used this for a month, a few times a week. I think it works but I really need some more time to rate it effectiveness.

STEP 4: Toner
I have been using this also for almost a year. It is good to my skin. I tried a different one that day and that toner stings my face. So, I get back to this. This is Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner. Toner need to be put on a cotton pad and then as we apply it on the skin, it will help to remove the dirt on our face. For example, the whitehead from the exfoliation process previously but sometime I am a bit lazy. On the days when I only stay at home, I use toner that is put in a spray bottle. It is not really effective but it is better than nothing.

STEP 5: Essence
I am using 24K Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water from Bio-Essence. My friend told me that this essence works for her. The other day, I went to Watsons and when I was browsing the aisle, I saw that this essence is on sale. It was 50% discount. From RM75.90, I got it for RM 37.95. I also learnt the way to put essence is by pouring it on your hands and then gently tap them on your face. Let it absorb.

STEP 6: Serum
I skipped this step because I do not have any serum but for now, I am aiming for Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule. IT IS FREAKING EXPENSIVE! Its normal price is almost RM200. I need to work hard next January to buy this serum.

STEP 7: Mask
Putting on mask is my favourite thing to do! I always go to Watsons to find special rate for masks. I do not buy masks that cost me more than RM4 at Watsons because there are always offers that make each mask costs about RM3. Sometime, if I'm broke, I go traditional. I will mix yogurt, honey, cinnamon and turmeric to make a masker. 

STEP 8: Eye Cream
Months ago, I used the eye cream from Simple but I do not really find it working. So, I have stopped using it. As for now, I do not have any eye cream in mind. I am actually looking for a new one.

STEP 9: Moisturiser
I used Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser before but I do not find it hydrating (in case if you are aware now, I used a lot of Simple Skincare previously but now I stick to the facial wash and toner as both work for me while others, not really). Now, I am trying this Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Milk. For me Hada Labo products work well in moisturising my skin. I just tried this one, so let's see if it works or not.

I also use Hada Labo Kiwamizu Lotion as the last step of moisturising. On my lazy days, I spray this lotion after I spray the Simple Toner on my face. It gives the fresh feeling. I like it because of the fact that I can just squirt it on my face.

STEP 10: Sunblock
As I did these steps at night, I did not apply sunblock on my face. However, the sunblock that I am using is Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence. I love it because it is lightweight and sometime I use it as my makeup base whenever I put simple makeup on, just like how the Koreans do.

Finally, it reaches the end. I felt like it took forever for me to finish this post. As I went to sleep with layers of skincare products on my face, it is no surprise that my skin feels so good this morning. The dry patches were gone. I think, I will do these routines once in a while. Maybe once in a week on weekend. The process is almost the same as what you receive during a facial treatment, except for the whitehead and blackhead extraction using the stainless steel extractor. 

A good skincare routines is needed if you want to look healthy and putting on make up is slightly easier. You do not need a large amount of foundation to cover your skin if your skin is in a tip top condition. Let's work and pray for a healthy hydrated skin. Aminnnn

Let's Write Again


I found an article on Twitter and got inspired by a 97 year old Vietnamese Grandma. She does write everyday. I think, I have not written much nowadays but I always find myself wanting to express myself on Instagram. Sometime, it is not about the photo but my caption can be pretty lengthy.

So, yesterday I uninstalled the app on my phone with the intention of taking some break and wanting to avoid spending too much time scrolling on people's feed and instastories. I am back here again on Blogger. I want to make sure that I learn something, everyday during this school holiday.

In case if you do not know, I am a teacher. I do not have to work at school on school holidays. For this year, I manage to finish all the tasks given because I want to have a good holiday. I also uninstalled the Telegram Apps on my phone because work notifications will always pop up there and sometime countless messages in the school group chat that has nothing to do with me. So much about adulting. I know, I am running away from the reality.

This is Day 1. Hopefully, I will continuously writing from day to day till the end of December. Maybe not when I'm travelling in the middle of the month. Talk to you soon!



I'm not writing about the tv series, Friends. I am now writing friends as a noun. It is in plural because, I have a lot of friends. I always have a lot of friends but, let me tell you something; friends is a vague plural noun. Being friends does not mean we know each other. Being friends means we know a few details about each other. Sometime, we don't even remember the full name of that friends.

I think, I have put too much expectations on the title friends, which somehow disappoint me every single time. I am a clingy friend. That is why I expect too much and people tend to quit being my friends. Besides clingy, I have a bad reputation in taking care of my friends' hearts, thanks to my sharp mouth.

So, retaining friends is a big problem for me. I fail to do that most of the time. Friends come an go and broken friendship is more hurtful rather than being rejected. Losing someone who I was comfortable to share things is, devastating. I know, there are a lot of bad traits that I pose but changing myself to make you feel good, would not make you become my friends because that is just me, being fake.

Baby Adult


I have officially started my real teaching career last week, May 2nd, 2017. That will be the date when I will celebrate my teaching career. InsyaAllah, if Allah wills, I should have another 36 years to go but, who knows I might be marrying a rich guy and can survive with my pension at the age of 40. Oh keep dreaming Fina! But, I love teaching, I cannot see myself doing another job. 

This place is so alien for me. It is 5 hours away from my hometown. I have never imagined being sent here. Heck, I did not even apply for this state. It feels so surreal and honestly, I always feel like I want to cry everytime I am on my way home for the past two weeks.

For now, I am baby adulting. I live like an adult but at the same time, I am still crawling. My allowance, petrol and even my car are paid by my lovely parents. They even came here to set up my room and house. The room was totally empty but now it is quite comfortable for me to live here. Bless them. I will always pray that Allah will reward them because they truly deserve it for raising me and always do their best to make me comfortable. 

Oh shoot, I want to cry now. I should call Ibu now. Later!

Love Yourself


Honestly, I do not know the meaning of "love yourself" or the techniques to do it. Well, when you learn a theory, you should understand the concept first. So, I have encountered a few writings that speak about loving yourself. 

I think loving yourself means that you love yourself without being dependent on other entity. You love yourself enough for you to become better from day to day.

I just turned 24 yesterday and as I got older I have realized that I should not be depending on others to make me happy. If I want to be happy, it all should start from myself. All the best Fina!

Secret vs Private


I'm going to be 24 soon and I have never been in any romantic relationship. I almost had been in a relationship, one time. It was during school, so I did not want to commit because being a good girl I am, I wanted to focus on my study. Besides, there was a big fuss about "It's haram to be a pair of couple." So he said, it's okay he would wait but, never trust a promise made by a 16 year old guy, he got a girlfriend later.

Well, I used to think it's haram. I was thinking to go on arranged marriage but for now I don't think so. If I want to start a relationship now, it is with the intention of getting married not just to "test the water". At least, I need to know the person a bit although most people are saying that the person before and after marriage is 180 degree different. Yes there must be differences but, at least I will know if we do have the chemistry or not. Anyhoo, I do not agree about meeting constantly and just two of us going out and going home so late at night. 

My parents also do not like the kind of couples where they go to the family gathering, weddings or travelling together. For them, it is inappropriate. It is also not appropriate to be in a relationship for such a long period because they know that when you love someone, you will always want to show your affection through your gesture and sometime, you accidentally do something that is inappropriate. Well, you know, sometime, you have the tension of wanting to touch your not-yet-married partner.

Today, I received a news from my coursemate. She invited us to her wedding which is in two weeks. She has not given us any clue at all and out of sudden, BAM! "Hey, I'm getting married!"

I'm so going to do that. I want the kind of relationship that is subtle. You only tell your close friend about you seeing someone and then when your wedding date is confirmed, then you announce it to your acquaintances and then after getting married you announce it to the world! Still, after getting married, you keep it low. You do not keep your marriage as a secret but keep it privately.

I do not think that I'm getting married this year anyway since like there is no single soul who is interested in me but, things can turn out differently and quickly. Who knows? Allah is Great!

One day you will meet someone who means the world to you and you mean the world to him

Love, Fina.

KDrama: Relatable or Illogical?


Lately, I prefer relatable KDramas compared to fantasy-ish KDramas. When people were raving about The Legend of Blue Sea, I was smitten by Weightlifting Fairy Bok Joo. For me, something relatable gives me comfort rather than illogical mermaid kind of story. Well fairytales were fun when I was 12 but not anymore. Goblin also seems illogical but the great chemistry between Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook made me following the series. They are funny although the concepts of deities and grim reapers are absurd.

These two ahjushis made me watch the drama. Source

But KDramas are there with the purpose of entertainment and I find that Koreans do favour the illogical ones. The rating of Legend of Blue Sea is indeed higher than Weightlifting Fairy Bok Joo. While the international viewers prefer otherwise. Maybe, they find the life of an athlete is quite dull while the international viewers are eager to learn their lifestyles.

Although The Legend of The Blue Sea portrayed Lee Min Ho as the main cast, nope the story line was dull. I only watched until the 7th episode. Source

Anyhoo, I love Bok Joo so much because I can relate myself to what she faced except for when she started going out with Joon Hyung. 😭 I think the character Joon Hyung is unrealistic. He is too sensitive (caring) for a guy. I have never heard of this kind of guy yet, I mean from the stories of my friends.

Their characters are so cute together! Source

Today, I just finished watching Reply 1994. There were a few series of Reply and I love all of them because they emphasized on the value of love between families and friends. The stories are warm and always remind us to be good to our parents, families and friends. The friendship portrayed are the best!

Their dining scenes always make me drooling. Source

But, the most heartbreaking one for me is, there will always be a guy who has unrequited love towards the main character. Chil Bong from Reply 1994 has been liking Na Jeong from 1994 until 2002. Although Chil Bong is portrayed as an almost perfect character but Na Jeong got married to her first love "Trash" who is far away from perfect. Somehow being perfect does not make you win the girl. #SecondLeadSyndrome

Poor guy. Source

I cannot wait for some more relatable series. The kind of dramas that you can take the values and practice in your daily lives, I used to have at least one ongoing drama to watch everyday during my peak season as a postgraduate student. Nowadays, when I am on my break, there is only one series that I am following at the moment. Whyy?? Why?