For me, graduation means you have stepped on another milestone of your life. Like, you have completed a thing that you thought you could never achieve before. Right after my practicum, I was having a problem where I knew the data that I had collected was not sufficient for me to conduct my Final Year Project. A lot of things ran on my mind, like will I ever be able to graduate with first class honour with this kind of data. Even, when I sent my FYP report, I was not confident with my work.

ALHAMDULILLAH. I MADE IT. I graduated with first class honour.

Somehow, I am just lucky that my supervisor is a very nice man. When I showed my data, he told me right away that he could not give me A if I carried that research. So, I got time to change my research and went back to the school where I did my practicum, to re-collect data. With so little knowledge about FYP, I managed to complete it on time. I am beyond grateful up until now.

My supervisor helped me a lot. I tried to meet him at least once in a week although, I went into hibernation for quiet sometime during assignments submission week. He understood that and did not push me at all.

My friends who were there, reminding things to do, sharing problems, going on random trips, eating together, staying up late at the library together and many more. Despite, my selfish self who love to abandon people, there are people who choose to stay. Thank you.

My parents, the main supporters. It is magical, how things can be easy after I call my mum. They sacrifice a lot of things for me to be where I am today. I am not sure if I can repay that. I hope that, I wont forget what they have done for me. Love you!

Another achievement unlocked!
DEGREE: Done and dusted.

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