My Kalsom Story: The 22nd Edition


For someone to grow, he needs to challenge himself. I initially joined Kalsom to leave my comfort zone and learn new things from strangers in order to challenge myself. After being a facilitator twice for Projek Kalsom 19 and Projek Kalsom 20, I decided to go further and applied to be a committee member. It was the best decision that I have ever made.

The whole committee

I have always thought that those people who chose to be commitee members are insane. Why? Because they have their own busy lives but they decided to devote their time for a cause which takes at least half of their already hectic schedule. For every student, there are three things which matter the most. They are studies, social life and sleep. However, for a Kalsom committee member there is another aspect that they need to consider which is, Kalsom. In the end, sleep and social life were not our priorities anymore.

The logistic team for the main camp

Luckily, the people I met during Kalsom are the ones who you want to befriend for life. I texted my partner more than I texted my close friends. I skyped with my partner longer that I skyped with my friends. Besides, I got to have some international friends. Chaperoning 10 curious foreigners to explore Malaysia through the heat and pouring rain was definitely a worthwhile experience. Especially, as they got to taste our scrumptious Malaysian cuisines. I feel proud of the richness that our country has to offer. The best was, when one of them said “Can we have roti canai again today?”

With the 10 curious Brits

I'm afraid, I've scared those who are interested to be one of the committee members. Fret not, joining as a Kalsom committee will turn you into a super productive person. You will be surprised at how productive you can be.

when we curi tulang and posed for some pictures

I was a final year student when I became one of the committee member but, it helped me to not spare time to procrastinate. Most of my assignments and project papers were completed so much earlier before the datelines. So I believe that Kalsom has helped me to grow into a better person. This is a once in a lifetime experience to immerse yourself into the world volunteerism.

our future office



For me, graduation means you have stepped on another milestone of your life. Like, you have completed a thing that you thought you could never achieve before. Right after my practicum, I was having a problem where I knew the data that I had collected was not sufficient for me to conduct my Final Year Project. A lot of things ran on my mind, like will I ever be able to graduate with first class honour with this kind of data. Even, when I sent my FYP report, I was not confident with my work.

ALHAMDULILLAH. I MADE IT. I graduated with first class honour.

Somehow, I am just lucky that my supervisor is a very nice man. When I showed my data, he told me right away that he could not give me A if I carried that research. So, I got time to change my research and went back to the school where I did my practicum, to re-collect data. With so little knowledge about FYP, I managed to complete it on time. I am beyond grateful up until now.

My supervisor helped me a lot. I tried to meet him at least once in a week although, I went into hibernation for quiet sometime during assignments submission week. He understood that and did not push me at all.

My friends who were there, reminding things to do, sharing problems, going on random trips, eating together, staying up late at the library together and many more. Despite, my selfish self who love to abandon people, there are people who choose to stay. Thank you.

My parents, the main supporters. It is magical, how things can be easy after I call my mum. They sacrifice a lot of things for me to be where I am today. I am not sure if I can repay that. I hope that, I wont forget what they have done for me. Love you!

Another achievement unlocked!
DEGREE: Done and dusted.