New Korean Drama: Doctor


I am smitten by the latest Korean drama, Doctors. I did plan to follow the series because Park Shin Hye is the main lead and the trailer showed her as a badass girl, not a wimpy damsel in distress. So, I watched the first episode last week, and realized that the male lead is Kim Rae Won, the husband from My Little Bride, the movie which made me started watching Korean movies and dramas.

The drama comes out on Monday and Tuesday at 10pm Korean time, hence I will keep refreshing the web every Tuesday and Wednesday morning for new episodes. It was the same as when I followed DOTS.

Today's episode is heartbreaking. Hye Jung loses her grandmother, the only family member that cares about her. Then, her father comes with her annoying stepmother. The way the actress portrays the stepmother character really gets my nerve.

I think her symmetrical teeth make me feel like I want to smack her face. It's too perfect and seems fake.

Then, the scene where Hye Jung bids goodbye to Hong. Hye Jung is avoiding Hong due to her insecurities. While Hong is going to US to start over his housemanship years. You know, that moment when you want someone who you love to live happily? I think that is what Hye Jung is thinking. 

Besides, Hong's friend meets Hye Jung and tells her that they are incompatible. As Hong is a medical graduate while Hye Jung is a drop out (Hye Jung has been kicked out from schools for countless time). But, I think they are the most compatible as Hye Jung lost her mother and being abandoned by her father while Hong is an orphan. Hong is lucky because he was adopted by the hospital director.

I was like, "NO!!"

He hesitates for quiet sometime before deciding to chase her.

And yeah, since this is episode 3, so he does not able to catch up with Hye Jung because the motorbike guy takes her away.

As what Dimitri from Vampire Academy always reminds Rose, "Never hesitate", yes Hong you should never hesitate! You lose the girl and you will only meet her 13 years later. Obviously a lot of things will happen during that freaking 13 years. 

"Going crazy when you are in love is the evidence that your brain is activated. If you don't go crazy, that is abnormal." This is my favourite quote and I have witnessed it. A lot of people being crazy due to love. The problem here is, Hong was Hye Jung's teacher and he has to guard himself as an adult and cannot show his feelings (Kau gila nak bercinta dengan student?!). He hesitates because he knows that they cannot be together since Hye Jung is a minor.

I can't wait to see what will happen next!