The Only Mid Sem Break


I was planning to be productive for this mid semester break. I have a lot of work, I'm not kidding. I have a lot of commitment this time around and guess what, I go on a binge by playing The Sims 4. I wake up, eat and sim then go to the toilet and sim, before I go to bed, I also sim. I did not realize that I have spent four days doing so.

I reached home last Sunday morning, and since that I have been practicing this unhealthy lifestyle. It was until yesterday that, I had become a bit productive. I went to a talk by Dr Zakir Naik. I have heard of him and I think I had watched a few short videos of his talk on YouTube but the controversy which lies around him lately, made me became more excited to listen to the talk. I know, I am such a rebel.

Zakir Naik
I went to the talk with Wani and Ain. Luckily, Wani invited me to hang out yesterday, because I thought that the talk should be somewhere else. So, she picked Ain and I yesterday, since both of us were carless yesterday. I know that they are the type of friends that I should keep because they always bring me to the right path although I always go astray. 

The talk was a interesting. The title was, "Does God Exist?" He is such a well read person. He knows all the scriptures including Al-Quran, Bible (Old and New) and other religious text that I have so little knowledge about. The only setback was, when he got to excited he tend to speak too fast, and it was a bit hard to catch up what he said due to his Indian accent, especially when he listed down the verses from al-Quran.

It was also the first time, my parents let me to go out at night, with friends. For your information, my curfew at home is 7pm. My parents were away, when Wani asked me either I could follow or not. So, I called them to ask for permission. They were like, "Why are you calling us to ask for permission?"

I think, I have been living away for such a long period, which asking for permission to go out at night sounds so weird. Well, going out at night in Tanjung Malim is different with going out at night at Jerteh. Not to say, Tanjung Malim's nightlife is happening but usually we go out because we are hungry. We reached home at 1 am, and it felt so weird to reach home at such late hour because I live at a kampung.

I had been craving for a lot of cakes when I was in Tanjung Malim. I think, depression made me crave for sweet things. I am not sure, what are the causes of my depression although I realize that I have a few same old problems that I always deal with.

So, I had baked two cakes. The first one was on Monday, I steamed a Milo Cake. It was so easy and the taste was not bad, although I have not mastered the art of steaming a cake yet. It was a bit soggy in the middle, because I wrongly wrapped the whole container with aluminium foil. The correct instruction was to wrap the base not the whole container. So, it took a longer time to be fully baked.

Today, I baked Ibu's Signature Chocolate Cake. I have never find any chocolate cake which can beat Ibu's. My family including my extended family love the cake and they always request for this cake if they are back at our hometown.

Never Endless Work
Before this, I thought that final year students are not burdened with the load of assignments due to our commitment with Final Year Project but I was wrong. We have load of work to be completed. We spent most of our time at the library. Although, we have a lot of free time and days without classes, but I always find people flooding the library. I do suspect that this is due to the El Nino too but I admit, that I have so much thing to do.

Well, I choose this lifestyle. I have commitments with an NGO and I am writing a book with a group of friends. Not a story book or anything fictional. It is a bit serious but something that I love to do. Will update about it, once it is confirmed.

I think, that is the update as for now. It feels refreshing to update this blog once in a while.

Write to you later!

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