Cameron Again


Cameron Highlands is a destination that I have to visit or pass by every year. It has become compulsory, until I don't bother to blog about it anymore. Well, Cameron Highlands is in the middle of the route home from my uni, so we will usually stop by for a toilet break or choose to stay there for a night.

This time around, it was not a trip home. It was a getaway plan. The weather in Malaysia now is too extreme. The heat is unbearable. Most of us spend the days in the library because we can get free air cond.

This trip was planned to celebrate Sadeq's birthday, since the last time she visited Cameron Highlands was years ago, when she was a child. So, we found an affordable guest house on Booking.Com and checked the reviews on Trip Advisor. I find Trip Advisor is really helpful when I want to plan a trip. 

We departed at 2 pm from Tanjung Malim and stopped by at Tapah for late lunch. Then, we reached Brinchang at 6pm where the guest house is. At night, we went to the night market and enjoyed the street food. We ate the usual, such as the corns, strawberries and a few other food.

But, I have discovered one stall which sells Lamb Hot Pan Grill with Apricot Sauce. The sauce is so good and kills the smell of the lamb. It is RM8 per stick.

So good!

The next morning, we planned to enjoy the cold morning by jogging but, somehow we enjoyed sleeping in the cold much better. Linda and I went out to find some heavy breakfast. We found a Malay restaurant and took away some Nasi Lemak and Nasi Goreng, We ate at the guest house.

After breakfast, we followed our main plan which was to go to Mossy Forest. My knowledge about Mossy Forest was only the name and how it should look. I did not do any research of how to get there or how far it is. Linda drove her manual Proton Saga up until Gunung Brinchang, where Mossy Forest is located.

We thought we could reach the entrance of Mossy Forest by car. Unfortunately, the driveway was to steep. The car could not reach there. When we were halfway there, we realized that most people rented 4WD or drove auto transmission car. So, we found a spot to park the car and we walked (or maybe climbed) up there. It was about two to three kilometres and took us about half an hour.

Luckily, it was cold because we did not dress like how a climber should dress. We wore clothes which suited shopping malls. The hike was worth it, because the view was so beautiful and made us in awe. It was another "Subhanallah" moment for me.

After spending some time admiring Allah's masterpiece and snapping "some" pictures, we moved to our next destination, Sungei Palas BOH Plantations. BOH was actually quite near from Mossy Forest, as it was at the same turn from the main road. We went there only to enjoy eating pricey food facing the view of the tea plantation. We did not even bother to visit the museum or the tea shop. I had a nice chicken pie for RM10 and RM3 Boh Tea, but I paid for the view actually.

We did nothing much actually but most of the time were spent for pictures and be together. I think being together and cherish the moment is the most important thing. Having pictures taken are important too, because that will remind us of the memories that we made later on.

Till then. Love, Fina.

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