3rd Week of Final Semester


I was excited to be here during my four months of break, except that I was not ready to start studying again. Partially because, I know I can go nowhere with the data for my final year project. Yeap, I met my supervisor and he said that it is impossible if I want to get A with that data and research.

Luckily, things are still under control. I managed to get a new idea on the spot, resulting from spending some time in the thesis room. I changed my research title on the spot, although I did not get the exact title at the moment, but he approved my idea.

I love being busy. It is tiring, but this kind of hectic life makes me feel at ease. I feel like, I am a useful human being and I am not a trash. At least, I am contributing to something, someone or any particular identity.

But sometime, I do wish that I am on a vacation.