Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park


Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park consists of five islands, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi and Pulau Sulug (Source: Sabah Tourism). We were lucky because, out of the five islands, we went to three of the islands. The islands which we visited were Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik.

Due to Syasya's connection, she managed to charter two boats for our groups. Hence everything gets cheaper and we did not board the boats at Jesselton Point. Instead, we hopped on the boats at the Philippine Market. We paid RM 320 for each boat and each boat loaded 12 or 13 person. So each person paid around RM25 for the boat which transfer us from island to island. Normally, each person needs to pay RM 43 (according to Sabah Tourism). 

My boatmates, #teamholland

We had our breakfast at one mamak shop near the Philippine Market and bought some food at the convenience store there. The only source of food that you can get from the islands are from the buffet trays which should cost you around RM40 per person. For a budget traveler, it is wise if you fill up your tummy first and bring some food like bread or biscuits. Atul brought two loaves of bread (even one loaf of bread costs about RM4, Sabah's food is expensive) and a few cans of tuna. Bless her because she shared that with the whole group.

The first island that we hopped was Pulau Sapi. The view is captivating. The water is in turquoise colour. We had to pay RM15 for snorkelling and RM 3 for entrance fee (for three islands). 

So what did we do on those islands?

1. Group photo

We are the bunch of people who can be called by just using a camera (or phone) because, when one person holds a camera, everyone will come and swarm like bees. Literally like bees.

2. Appreciating the beauty of nature

My #travellingdanbo seems like he was not impressed by the nature. Well, he is a toy but if you can see the crystal clear water behind him, it is real!

3. Swimming / Snorkelling
I am with those tiny people at the back, we were swimming or in my case, floating with the help of the life jackets. Since we paid RM15, we were provided with goggles for us to appreciate the lives under the water. My verdict, it is not that beautiful because I have seen much better at Pulau Kapas. The corals are dying but there are a lot of beautiful fishes for you to enjoy. One thing that I want to warn you is, BEWARE OF JELLYFISH.

Well those are the main things but we also did enjoy burying people under the sand, having ice cream during the hot weather, dancing in front of a crowd of people and some of us did parasailing. I did not try it due to tight budget. We did not realize that we spent half of the day there from 10 am until 4pm. Most of us were barbecued and I am still dealing with my sunburnt face at the moment. 

It was a great trip due to great people, magnificent view and nice weather. I will definitely revisit TAR National Park, maybe next year?

Kundasang, Sabah


Tinggi tingi Gunung Kinabalu
Tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu
Biru biru hujung Kinabalu
Tengok dari jauh
Hati saya rindu

Zuli did say that the song will haunt you. Indeed, it does. The song Sayang Kinabalu still sticks in my head until now. As most of the people know, Kinabalu Mountain is the highest mountain in South East Asia. The moment I saw it, I did not expect that it would catch me off guard. The mountain is just, majestic.

We reached Kundasang around 12pm after almost two hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. At that time, there was no sight of Kinabalu mountain due to the thick cloud surrounding the mountain. We stopped by Kinabalu Park for a toilet break but, unfortunately we had to pay RM3 for entrance. We did not plan to stop by the park yet, so no toilet break and we headed to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm.

I have always seen people posting pictures of this farm. Well, it does look like you are in New Zealand but the smell is not really pleasant but I can guarantee that the taste of the milk is so good! The fee to enter the farm is RM5 per head. 

If you are there, make sure to try the chocolate gelato and the waffle. They taste so good! I think, because the milk is freshly milked from the cows there. 

The squad
The daredevils

The cows and us.

You can literally film a music video here because the scenery is magnificent.

We spent about three hours there but I think normal group only spend about an hour there. We are a bunch of people who talk non-stop and do selfie non-stop. There will always be something for us to do, like recording a dance.

After the farm, we stopped by the only decent restaurant that we believe which is KFC. There is a small KFC in Kundasang town. I believe that there are some decent restaurants but we did not bother to check because we were starving. We spent another two hours there. That is the problem with us, we spend too much time at a place.

I believe there are more places to visit around Kundasang but due to limited time (because it was getting darker), we decided to head back to Kota Kinabalu. But, Kinabalu Mountain decided to play peek a boo with us. I swear, that I saw the donkey ears the moment we started to leave the car park near the KFC.

Hence, we went to Kinabalu Park and paid RM3 each person to take a glimpse of the mountain. The moment we saw the mountain, everyone was gaping. It was surreal. It was one of the "subhanallah" moments in my life. I felt so small.

Indeed, travelling makes you closer to god.

That is Kinabalu Mountain behind there.

2nd Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop


It was in Kota Kinabalu yaw!

Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop is a follow up camp to the flagship event which is Projek Kalsom 21 Motivational Camp by The Kalsom Movement. This is my second time joining and I still hold the same position which is English Module Planner. Well, I am the kind of person who like to stick at the same position.

The Module
Last year, we did Chain Story and Everyone Wants a Doraemon. Surprisingly, the students love Everyone Wants a Doraemon the most. It was a pure accident that I got the idea to create the module. I was doing the dishes while listening to the television. (There is a tv in my kitchen). I heard about Doraemon exhibition which exhibit around 200 Doraemon's tools. So, yeah that was an eureka moment for me.

This year was challenging. Previously we did road show, which we visit a school in a day and the number of students at every school was around 40 students. It was easy to control and make sure every student participated. So, a discussion and presentation based activity was suitable. While, for Sabah, pheww! The number of participants is 160 students. 4 times bigger!

Hence, my partner Haseenah and I had to come out with something that could cater and involve these 160 students without giving them the time to stay put. Based on my experience handling English Camp, kids love explorace. So we wanted to do some sort of explorace and station games. Then, we discovered that the students are weak in Grammar and Writing. I heard that they are good in Speaking, so we discarded the idea of having presentations.

The first thing which we planned was a Grammar Race but it did sound nerdy and boring. We decided to change it and followed the current hype which is Running Man. We hoped that they do watch Running Man, especially the boys. 

There were 7 stations for the modules. We created the activities for each station to test the students understanding on Simple Present Tense, Simple Past Tense, Simple Future Tense, Perfect Tense and Continuous Tense.

 Jumping Charade
A student have to jump while there is one student holding a verb card. The jumper needs to do an action which defines the verb. The rest has to convert the verb into Simple Past Tense.

 Song Scramble
The students have to find verbs in Simple Present Tense.

Guess, What Am I Doing
There will be one student doing an action, the rest has to report the what the student is doing in Continuous Tense.

The Students
This camp is the first camp ever that I did not have any student to supervise. I felt so empty. As a committee member, I did a lot of background work. I rarely spent my time with the students. It was my first time that I did not get any letter. Well, it showed that I was lacking this year. I did not get close to any of them. That is something for me to reflect.

The People
I made another set of friends this year and most of them are younger than me. I joined Kalsom when I was the youngest. Now, I am among the eldest, I think that is a sign for me to stop kalsoming. Fortunately, they do not bother to address me as kakak which I love so much. The good thing is, they are mature in the sense of how they think and act especially Shafiq, our youngest brother. Although, yeah sometime you can still see the trace of a high school student in him.

Overall, I hope this camp did benefit the students especially my module. They said that it was too easy. They are too smart I guess. This might be my last revisit workshop, since I am graduating this year. Kalsom, inspire and be inspired.

Suspending Judgement


I have been listening to suspending judgement talk since 2014 when I went to Projek Kalsom 20's training with Teach For Malaysia. Suspending judgement means that you do not judge someone when you are starting to get to know them or listening to a story about them.

For example, Daniel is a student who always sleeps in the class and does not manage to complete his homework. What do you think he will end up into?

The old me would say, Daniel will fail and becomes someone who earns meager salary.

Suspending judgement allow me to not judge Daniel from what I see. I do not know what is happening to Daniel, what makes him act like that and what is his story.

Well, Daniel is a real story. He sleeps in the class because he has to work at night in order to support his family. He has a great interest in vocational study and doing business. He ends up going to a vocational school and later he becomes a supplier of paperbacks in Malaysia. Suspending judgement is important because you never know a person's history for you to judge. 

There are a lot of experiences that someone has to experience in making them become someone that they are right now. I have met a kid during 2nd Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop. He seems normal and happy. He wants to be a singer and he sings brilliantly but I did not know that he has gone through a lot. One of it was, his mother committed suicide last year. Can you imagine that?

This is where suspending judgement is important. You can never judge a person until you know what is his story. It is better if you do not judge at all.



I went to a road trip with a bunch of people who most of them are younger than me. Although they are younger than me but I never felt the age difference well except for when I want to bully Syafiq, our maknae. 

I learnt from them that a couple does not have to be clingy for them to prove their loves. They are a few sets of couple in our group, three of the guys were in my car. They did not even sit in the same car except for one couple. 

I did not know that they were a couple at first and they did not even show it. I knew it towards the end of the first day of our trip. Although after we knew that they are a couple but they still act the same.

Even when we were at any restaurant or at any place they did not bother to sit side by side. When I asked them, they said, "We know that it is annoying to see clingy couple and we do not want to be that."