Reminiscing Cikgu Life: Day 2


According to my schedule, I had only single period class at 8.10 am every Tuesday. So, second day was another day when I was clueless of what to do. We were lucky that the English Department consists of supportive kakak-kakak. The head of the department is Kak Syida which I believe that she is almost of the same age as my mother and then Kak Baini which I bet a lot older than my mother too, Kak Atiah, my super nice supervisor, the cool Kak Liz and the caring Kak Fazlene. Well, there is another teacher from English Department but she is the PK Pentadbiran, so I don't really see her around but she is nice too.

The kakak-kakak warned us to pretend to be busy if we did not want to do work which was not really related to us or in other work other teachers' work. Well, I did not have to pretend to be busy because I had to write lesson plans. The only thing which I had to control was, the urge to use my smartphone since the wifi router was just above my head and the service was pretty good for me to scroll my Instagram.

I made the habit to finish my lesson plan a day before the class and it worked because I did not have to do any work at home except for preparing materials. One advice that I still remember until now from Kak Atiah is, "You have to think and keep thinking until you crack your head for you to get a good lesson plan since you are a practicum teacher."

I did not believe that I was able to come out with all the lesson plans that I had done during the four months of practicum but, I did it.

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