Reminiscing Cikgu Life: Day 1


My first day as a trainee teacher was on 6th of July 2015. It was two weeks before Eid Mubarak. I was nervous because I did not know what to expect and what should I do that day.

Bless Ramadhan because Nana and I got up early. We did not go to bed after sahur and by 6.50 am we were in the car, ready to go to school which is just five minutes away from our house. So, we reached the school before 7am. It was empty. No student had reached the school. There were only a guard which we greeted to ask for direction to the office, the super busy principal, PK and a few teachers.

We were asked to sit in the office. The principal was busy checking the teachers' daily lesson plan's books or Rancangan Pengajaran Harian (RPH). After a few minutes we were joined by two boys from BM and then we met the PK Pentadbiran. We were briefed about the do's and don't's. Then, we were showed the staff room and each of us got a table in the staff room.

On the first day, we were kind of clueless. We received temporary timetables. My name was spelled wrong, which I did expect but funnily, the title given was "Puan". Woah! I am 22 year old and married.

No people, I'm not. I am still boyfriend-less and inexperience in love.

Okay, back to my first day. I was scheduled to enter a class. So, I consulted the real teacher of the class since I was going to take over the class from here. She said that I just had to do a simple introduction session or continue with the exercise which she had given before.

The nerd in me wanted to try something. I got the idea which the students had to introduce their friends but they have to use at least three adjectives. I bet they were shocked because this trainee teacher was no fun at all. She taught on her first day of class!

Well, I acted strict at first. First thing which I did was, I reminded them to never pronounce my name wrongly. "It is SYA-RA-FI-NA and you have to call me Miss Syarafina." which they did not really obey later on. One class called me teacher while the other class called me Miss.

Up till now, I do not know what were their first impressions about me because I forgot to ask. That was my first day of teaching. Till next time.

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