Harry Potter's fans were surprised by the sudden lost of the actor who portrayed Severus Snape last week. Snape, the half blood prince is the best hero that I believe lives in a lot of people. A hero that people mistakenly took as someone who does the wrong thing.

He does not have to prove himself to the others to show that he is a true hero, but he knows what is the right things to do. Even to to the extent of killing Dumbledore. His character is an exemplary. 

You do not have to prove to others to show that you are a hero, you just have to do the right things.

Kuala Kangsar with Vivien


When I stayed in Taiping, I had three housemates. They were Nana, Vien and Chuin. Nana and Chuin's hometown are really close to Taiping. So, it was normal for me to have only Vivien at home. We had nothing to do that weekend. Hence, we made a plan to visit Kuala Kangsar. Kuala Kangsar has its own charm since it is a royal town. The buildings are old but beautiful. From the majestic MCKK to the charming castle of the the Perak Royal Family.

We had our brunch at Taiping first before heading to Kuala Kangsar. So, as we arrived there we started our exploration by passing by the dream school (if I was a boy). I like that school because of the buildings and the history.

Then, we went to Masjid Ubudiah which is located very near to the royal palace. The mosque allows non-muslim visitors as they prepare robes and scarves. So, I took a set of the robe and gave Vivien to wear it. The mosque is not that big, so we did not take much time there.

After Masjid Ubudiah we went stalking the royal family. Was hoping to catch a glimpse of Tuanku Zara Salim and her children but you know the palace is well guarded. Then we stopped by a small old palace near the current palace.

This is the old palace which is called as Istana Kenangan. It was occupied by the royal family long ago when the current palace was built. Unfortunately, we could not enter this palace because it was supposed to be under renovation but due to lack of fund, they could do nothing and the palace is actually unstable to occupy people.

Kuala Kangsar is a small town and we can cover it in a few hours. After Istana Kenangan we went to Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery which is one kilometre away. We paid for only RM 2 due to our students' privilege. (One of the benefits of travelling while you are still a student).

This gallery stores the gifts which was received by the late Sultan Azlan Shah. What makes it more interesting is, the building was actually a palace which was known as Istana Ulu. The royal family lived at this palace during the early 19.

The exhibit items were interesting as we could know the late Sultan Azlan Shah better. One thing that I can say about his highness is, he is a big deal. One quote that I found from his notebooks is,

"Sombong dan chakap besar bukannya chakap orang beriman."
Or in English, "Being proud and bragging are not the deeds of the believers." which is true and something to be practiced by us.

After spending about two hours at the gallery, we went to the famous Yut Loy which serves the best pau according to the people on the net. So, we went there to find the truth and yesss the pau is amazing. I knew it from the royal Instagram accounts. I have been following Tunku Aminah (before she deleted her Instagram) and her cousin, Raja Sarina. Yut Loy has been the must place to go every time they are back in Kuala Kangsar.

We ordered Pau, Hainanese Chicken Chop and the Nasi Goreng. I like the pau and chicken chop and the Nasi Goreng is quite good too although it was a very simple Nasi Goreng Telur because we saw the MCKK boys having it.

Our tummy was full, so it was the time to head home. For me, Kuala Kangsar is a nice town although it is a very small town.

Keeping it for Myself


I lost my pictures.

That is the reason to keep blogging because I need to keep the memories here.

Reminiscing Cikgu Life: Day 2


According to my schedule, I had only single period class at 8.10 am every Tuesday. So, second day was another day when I was clueless of what to do. We were lucky that the English Department consists of supportive kakak-kakak. The head of the department is Kak Syida which I believe that she is almost of the same age as my mother and then Kak Baini which I bet a lot older than my mother too, Kak Atiah, my super nice supervisor, the cool Kak Liz and the caring Kak Fazlene. Well, there is another teacher from English Department but she is the PK Pentadbiran, so I don't really see her around but she is nice too.

The kakak-kakak warned us to pretend to be busy if we did not want to do work which was not really related to us or in other work other teachers' work. Well, I did not have to pretend to be busy because I had to write lesson plans. The only thing which I had to control was, the urge to use my smartphone since the wifi router was just above my head and the service was pretty good for me to scroll my Instagram.

I made the habit to finish my lesson plan a day before the class and it worked because I did not have to do any work at home except for preparing materials. One advice that I still remember until now from Kak Atiah is, "You have to think and keep thinking until you crack your head for you to get a good lesson plan since you are a practicum teacher."

I did not believe that I was able to come out with all the lesson plans that I had done during the four months of practicum but, I did it.

Reminiscing Cikgu Life: Day 1


My first day as a trainee teacher was on 6th of July 2015. It was two weeks before Eid Mubarak. I was nervous because I did not know what to expect and what should I do that day.

Bless Ramadhan because Nana and I got up early. We did not go to bed after sahur and by 6.50 am we were in the car, ready to go to school which is just five minutes away from our house. So, we reached the school before 7am. It was empty. No student had reached the school. There were only a guard which we greeted to ask for direction to the office, the super busy principal, PK and a few teachers.

We were asked to sit in the office. The principal was busy checking the teachers' daily lesson plan's books or Rancangan Pengajaran Harian (RPH). After a few minutes we were joined by two boys from BM and then we met the PK Pentadbiran. We were briefed about the do's and don't's. Then, we were showed the staff room and each of us got a table in the staff room.

On the first day, we were kind of clueless. We received temporary timetables. My name was spelled wrong, which I did expect but funnily, the title given was "Puan". Woah! I am 22 year old and married.

No people, I'm not. I am still boyfriend-less and inexperience in love.

Okay, back to my first day. I was scheduled to enter a class. So, I consulted the real teacher of the class since I was going to take over the class from here. She said that I just had to do a simple introduction session or continue with the exercise which she had given before.

The nerd in me wanted to try something. I got the idea which the students had to introduce their friends but they have to use at least three adjectives. I bet they were shocked because this trainee teacher was no fun at all. She taught on her first day of class!

Well, I acted strict at first. First thing which I did was, I reminded them to never pronounce my name wrongly. "It is SYA-RA-FI-NA and you have to call me Miss Syarafina." which they did not really obey later on. One class called me teacher while the other class called me Miss.

Up till now, I do not know what were their first impressions about me because I forgot to ask. That was my first day of teaching. Till next time.