First Accident


I've got into my first accident in my driving year just now. On a bridge at my hometown. I was lucky that I'm at my hometown since my parents are here. Panic stroke me for a moment. I could feel that my feet were going to betray me but luckily they managed to let me drive the car to the roadside first.

It was a hit and run accident. A domino effect occurred too. The cars in front decided to brake and I was shocked and a 4WD behind me hit my back and I was sandwiched between two cars. So, the car which was in front me thought that I hit them but I explained to them using my body gesture that someone hit my back too.

The car behind me managed to escape and run. I, who was in panic could not manage to look at the registration number which was something that I deeply regret.

Hence, I am now being restricted from travelling. Goodbye world!

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