First Accident


I've got into my first accident in my driving year just now. On a bridge at my hometown. I was lucky that I'm at my hometown since my parents are here. Panic stroke me for a moment. I could feel that my feet were going to betray me but luckily they managed to let me drive the car to the roadside first.

It was a hit and run accident. A domino effect occurred too. The cars in front decided to brake and I was shocked and a 4WD behind me hit my back and I was sandwiched between two cars. So, the car which was in front me thought that I hit them but I explained to them using my body gesture that someone hit my back too.

The car behind me managed to escape and run. I, who was in panic could not manage to look at the registration number which was something that I deeply regret.

Hence, I am now being restricted from travelling. Goodbye world!

Five A


A week of unproductivity passed by again. I spent most of my time watching Running Man because I am planning a module with a Running Man concept. Somehow, I wasted a lot of time by being a couch potato because there were only a few games that I managed to adapt into suitable games which can incorporate English learning.

After watching Running Man, I also got back the long lost addiction towards 2PM. Their last comeback song, My House captivated me and I hope that I can use their dance for another zumba session. I was thinking to find a new thing to learn. So, I was hoping that I can learn Korean because I have watched too many Korean dramas and variety shows. 

A month has passed since my long practicum aftermath hiatus. I had deleted one Twitter account and two Instagram accounts because I think that I am too addicted to social media. It was depressing. I found that I am a bit happier although I do not have much friends nowadays.

After one month, I haven't finished any book yet. I shall forget my intention to shop at BBW since there are a lot of unfinished books. I shall finish them before I can buy more books. I found that my English is at worrisome state due to lack of reading. There is no variation in my sentences. As you can see, every paragraph in this post starts with "A".

And now, I started my last paragraph with "And" which is a crime because "And" is a conjunction. I hope that I will write more. Till the next post! 

BRO(ther) GA(dis)


This was in June.

We were listening to a briefing about our practicum when I said to Jureen, "Jom pergi Broga esok." So, we asked anyone who wanted to join us because it is unsafe for just two girls to travel two hours away from the campus in such an early morning. It was still undecided until 11 pm because that was an impromptu plan. 

Then, at 1am Jureen texted me and confirmed that we would start the journey at 4am. I tried my best to get a few hours of sleep before waking up a few hours later. Jureen picked me at my place at 4.30 am and we went there with Sue, Una, Nana, Feeza, Nik, Nieta and Saiful (Nieta's boyfriend). So the trip consisted of one brother and 8 gadis (girls).

We were lost for a few times because Waze was not helping that morning but we reached there 10 minutes before 7 am after stopping at R&R Sungai Buloh for Subuh prayer. So, we missed the sunrise.

Anyway, we started climbing and quarter of the journey, a lot of us could not make it. I pushed them slowly and somehow I turned into a sweeper. Sue could not make it because she did not have a proper breakfast so it took toll on her body. She insisted that we continued and she would wait for us down there. I was feeling guilty for leaving her but luckily it was bright already.

We reached the first check point after 30 minutes. After we got our breath steady, we took a lot of pictures and found a spot to sit. We tried to gain our energy by eating some koko crunch and honey star. We continued taking a lot of pictures and chit chatting.

Una wanted to go to the highest peak, while the others had surrendered. I followed Una. I did not plan to climb until the highest peak of Broga Hill but since Una wished for it, I gave a try. I had reached the highest peak before and I even did continue until Gunung Tok Wan, but that was when I jogged for at least twice a week. I was not confident that day but we went up slowly and we reached the top!

That day I learned that, wishes may look impossible but we do not know unless we try. No matter how slow, no matter how hard it is, but we have to try our best.