Alone but Not Lonely


You are with your friends but you feel lonely.

Have you ever felt this? You are surrounded by a lot of people but deep inside you feel so lonely. I had encountered this for countless time. You know, when you are out with your friends but you friends are busy with their phones and you realized that you were talking to yourself.

Or I am just a boring person and that makes people ignore me.


I do have a few friends that make me feel so needed when I am around them. The thing is, we live too far from each other. I miss them.

Have you ever been in a situation when people decided to talk bad about you to others rather than confront things that you do wrong?

I had, and this made me having a trust issue. I cannot trust people anymore.

And sitting alone in a cafe feels much better than being surrounded by people who look like your friends. Although people think that I am lonely, but I am actually happier.

Salute for those cafes who allow people to sit in for long hours.