My Second Boyfriend


Since my brother was accepted into a boarding school in Kelantan, our chances to meet was very low. Believe me, when I was in Form 5, I met him only during Hari Raya and the breaks between semesters. Both of us were in boarding schools, and our schedules were totally different. Besides, he is a basketballer, an active one. He rarely at home during school break because he had to go for tournaments all around Malaysia. So, yes we barely see each other.

This year was a bit weird. When he was waiting for his SPM results, he was so free and got nothing to do. He applied for some part time jobs but he didn't get called. So, he was at home, all the time which made him joined a lot of family vacation this year. One day, when I was on semester break, he came to me. "Kakak, let's go to BBW tomorrow." At that time, Big Bad Wolf came to Terengganu.

I was like, "Huh? You asked Ayah. If he let us go on our own, then let's go!"

So our parents gave us the permission and the best was, the car! Since he can drive, everything becomes easier. We went to BBW and bought some books which I did not have the chance to finish them yet until now. This was on May, 2015.

I brought him to Chinatown since he had never been there. Believe me, he rarely visited Kuala Terengganu because most of his friends are in Kelantan.

I love the charm of Chinatown. It keeps a lot of heritages in there and they develop the place beautifully and creatively. The arts amazed me and they keep adding new arts. Although I have been there for countless time, but there will be new things installed every time I go there.

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