Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop 2015


*This event was in January 2015*

Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop is one of components of the one year monitoring programme of Projek Kalsom. This is the first revisit workshop ever conducted after Projek Kalsom has reached the age of 20 year old last year. This is the continuation of Projek Kalsom 20 which was held in Kuala Nerang, Kedah in August 2014.

This might sounds confusing but the comittee for Projek Kalsom 20 and Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop were two different committees. Projek Kalsom 20 committee was led by a brilliant guy name, Mohd Zulikhwan Ayub while Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop was led by one of the MASCA people which was, Izat Ibrahim while being monitored by Zulikhwan. MASCA stands for Malaysian Students' Council of Australia. So, basically during Projek Kalsom 20, I met a lot of students who are studying in the north side of equator while during Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop, I got to know the students from down under. 

This workshop gave me the opportunities to revisit the kids who were under my supervision during Projek Kalsom 20. Based on my experience from Projek Kalsom 19, I did a mistake for not getting their contact information such as Facebook names and phone numbers because I could not keep in touch with them. Only some of them are still keeping in touch with me.

So, this workshop gave me the chance to meet my kids again and I hope I did inspire them a bit.

What we did was, we came out with three modules. The modules were Sejarah, Mathematics and English. So there were two hours for each module. We did not aim to teach everything since they had their teachers for that purpose but we shared a few tips for them to understand and prepare for their SPM. 

I was the module planner for English.  My partner was Nad. Nad was also one of the facilitators of Projek Kalsom 20. So, we focused on writing components. We put more attention on how can they get the ideas to write essay. We introduced the Kipling Method to them. The Kipling Method is a method where we use the WH-questions to trigger ideas.

The activity was, Everyone Wants to Have A Doraemon. They were given a comic strip for each group. Based on the scenario, they had to come out with one tool that could help Nobita to solve his problem. Based on the tool, they needed to come out with justifications. The justifications must be based on The Kipling Method. Such as:

What is the tool for?
Where can Nobita use the tool?
Who will get the benefits after using the tool?
When can Nobita use the tool?
Why should Nobita use the tool?
How can Nobita use the tool?

As we were staying in Alor Setar, we did not miss to explore the city of Alor Setar. We went to Muzium Kedah which is quite near to our accommodation during our off day.

On our last day, we were lucky that Zuli wanted to bring us around Alor Setar. So we went to the main tourist attraction which were majestic Masjid Zahir and Ukir Mall. From Masjid Zahir we could also see the Alor Setar Tower. I call Alor Setar tower as the cousin of KL Tower because they look almost the same except for the heights.

Eunice did also drop by and came to meet Nad and I. Eunice was also one of the facilitators of Projek Kalsom 20 but since she just started teaching at a school in Pendang, she could not join the workshop. I was so happy when Eunice wanted to visit us. You know, when people make the effort to come and see you, it shows that people do appreciate you.

I did hope that Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop was a success. The facilitators of Projek Kalsom 20 also carried out Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop 2.0 a few weeks ago and I could not make it due to my commitment now. I believe that all of us, the facilitators are wishing for the best for their kids. We had seen them grow, and we wish that they will go further.

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