Haria Penang Haria!


I can say that I visit Penang every year but, I admit that Penang is a special place for me. There are always new places to explore. My family and I went to Penang last June and this time, it felt complete since Abang was there too. It was a detour trip since we were supposed to go to Alor Setar for a wedding, my cousin got married to a Kedahan.

There were a few places that we counted as a must visit place. They are Padang Kota, Balik Pulau and Bukit Bendera. We will go to Padang Kota for the pasembur, Balik Pulau for Laksa Janggus and as for Bukit Bendera, I also do not know why we always go there. It is not even cold nowadays.

This time, we ventured a new attraction. The famous street arts in the city of Penang. There are a lot of street arts scattered around the city. So, we decided to rent a bicycle. Each of us got a bicycle with the fee of RM10. It is not hard to find the shops which provide this service because there are abundant of them. They will provide a map for you to refer too. 

We found a new thing for us to try which is Mee Udang. It is at Teluk Kumbar. We went to Restoran Ayu Mee Udang. The taste is better compared to the overrated Mak Jah Mee Udang at Kuala Sepetang.

Although I just went to Penang last June but I am currently planning another trip to Penang but this time, it will be a trip for the adrenaline junkies. I wanted to go to the Escape Park and tried paragliding at the beach which I believe will cost a lot.

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