Bukit Keluang Virgin


This was my first hike to Bukit Keluang which was last May. I knew about the existence of the hiking trek but I did not have the chance to hike the hill until that day. Since I did not have the courage to drive, it was so hard for me to get there because no one wanted to entertain me but, my brother just got his license so our parents let us to go on our own.

This was before Bukit Keluang became a mainstream location. There were not many people hiking the hill during that day compared to nowadays. There are two entry points, I will not recommend the one with stairs because that path is harder for you to hike up compared to hike down. It is better if you hike from the entry point which is located behind a stranded pink bus stand.

The view is worth the hike. If you are lucky, you can see Pulau Perhentian from far.

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