27 Things To Do Before I Settle Down


People of my age are competing to get married. I know that getting married during early 20 is good but, I believe that I am not ready to settle down yet. You know, I don't want to settle down just because I feel lonely or because I think I need a man. Sometime, it hits me too whenever I feel like I need a boyfriend. Although I know that it is wrong to have a boyfriend or to love someone before I get married but, god has created feelings which a person needs another person who can comply him or her.

I am afraid that I will regret my decision if I settle down early. I have been watching a new Korea drama series, the translated title is called as Twenty Again. The woman got married right after she had finished high school. Her youth was wasted because she devoted her life to the marriage. She turned herself into someone that her husband needed and not being the real her. She quit her study and her dream to become a professional dancer. She definitely became someone else.

I have a lot of things that I want to do before I get married and I found this video which I can relate too:

Okay, let me rephrase this video:

27 Things To Do Before I Settle Down:

1. Travel with my BFFs - DONE
I have travelled with Jaggers to Ipoh last February. So, it is considered as done but I want to travel abroad too.

2. Learn to cook- Halfway
I am currently learning on how to do the simple dishes. As for now, I can cook for my brothers.

3. Be financially independent
This is so important. I want to be someone who can support myself. I can pay my house rent and the utilities. I can go shopping what I want and I can travel using my own money. The most important is, I can give money to my parents and treat my brothers using my own money. Well, I should be prepared, who knows if misfortune happens, so at least I would be able to support my family.

4. Face one of my biggest fears
Not many know but I am afraid of snake. I can't even see their pictures, they scare me because they will remind me of the afterlife punishment. In Islam, snakes will come inside your grave if you have missed your prayers during your lifetime. So, I wish I can hold a snake on my hand and take picture with it.

5. Live alone
I wish to live alone in a tiny apartment or a studio. I have the experience of living in a house alone when my roommates were away but the feel is not the same. I can be myself when I live alone and I want to enjoy my own space. 

6. Accomplish a goal
As for now, my goal is to get a post graduate degree. My parents wished that I would pursue my study in medicine when I was in secondary school but sadly their daughter does not have the passion to be a doctor. So, they kind of dissapointed. I want to get at least the title "Dr" as a gift for them although through a post graduate degree but at least, in a field that I have the interest.

7. Find my drink of choice
This is not suitable for me, muslim don't drink. Haha. But I want to drink more plain water and make it as a habit because chap lips always happen to me.

8. Make the first move - DONE
I had confessed my feeling to a guy and was rejected. No elaboration.

9. Challenge myself
I want to do skydriving or bungee jumping. I can tolerate height but sometime I do realize that I am shaking when I am at a very tall place or a very deep sea.

10. Take a road trip - DONE
I had gone to a road trip to many places. Sometime due to assignments or invitation. I have been to Melaka and Teluk Intan.

11. Try a nice restaurant by myself - DONE
I have tried a lot of nice restaurants on my own and alone,

12. Live somewhere else - DONE
I am currently living in Taiping and I had lived in Tanjung Malim. If my boarding school experience is counted, I had been living in Lembah Bidong and Kuala Berang too.

13. Learn to drive manual - DONE
I drive manual car.

14. Find a new show, and watch it all in one weekend - DONE
Have been doing this a lot.

15. Get fit - IN PROGRESS
I was fit and due to hectic schedule I am not fit anymore but I just started to do Zumba for at least 30 minutes per session and at least three days a week.

16. Build something with your hands - DONE
I did a coursework for my living skill subject when I was in school, years ago.

17. Stay up until the sunrise - DONE
Semester 5 and 6 were spent by staying up most of the nights to complete the assignments.

18. See my favourite artist live - CROSS
I dont have anyone who I want to see and it is not suitable for me to go to concerts.

19. Make a list of books to read and then read them all
I will do this during my 3 months break after teaching practicum.

20. Learn to fight - DONE
I learnt Taekwondo.

21. Volunteer - DONE
I love it! Projek Kalsom, soup kitchen, zoo volunteering and volunteering projects at school and university levels.

22. Try a new hobby
I want to try sewing.

23. Apply for your dream job
My dream job is to be a tourist guide.

24. Keep a journal - DONE
My blog is my e-journal.

25. Have a long conversation with a stranger
Tried once but I was sleepy, so it was only 10 minutes but I will try it again.

26. Do something crazy and spontaneous - DONE

27. Get to know yourself
It is in progress and this is the hardest thing to do.

Dear future husband, let me finish my bucket list, it is 13 out of 26 (since 18 is not included) for now. So, half more to go!

Love, your future wife.

Haria Penang Haria!


I can say that I visit Penang every year but, I admit that Penang is a special place for me. There are always new places to explore. My family and I went to Penang last June and this time, it felt complete since Abang was there too. It was a detour trip since we were supposed to go to Alor Setar for a wedding, my cousin got married to a Kedahan.

There were a few places that we counted as a must visit place. They are Padang Kota, Balik Pulau and Bukit Bendera. We will go to Padang Kota for the pasembur, Balik Pulau for Laksa Janggus and as for Bukit Bendera, I also do not know why we always go there. It is not even cold nowadays.

This time, we ventured a new attraction. The famous street arts in the city of Penang. There are a lot of street arts scattered around the city. So, we decided to rent a bicycle. Each of us got a bicycle with the fee of RM10. It is not hard to find the shops which provide this service because there are abundant of them. They will provide a map for you to refer too. 

We found a new thing for us to try which is Mee Udang. It is at Teluk Kumbar. We went to Restoran Ayu Mee Udang. The taste is better compared to the overrated Mak Jah Mee Udang at Kuala Sepetang.

Although I just went to Penang last June but I am currently planning another trip to Penang but this time, it will be a trip for the adrenaline junkies. I wanted to go to the Escape Park and tried paragliding at the beach which I believe will cost a lot.

Side note: Donation is welcomed.

My Second Boyfriend


Since my brother was accepted into a boarding school in Kelantan, our chances to meet was very low. Believe me, when I was in Form 5, I met him only during Hari Raya and the breaks between semesters. Both of us were in boarding schools, and our schedules were totally different. Besides, he is a basketballer, an active one. He rarely at home during school break because he had to go for tournaments all around Malaysia. So, yes we barely see each other.

This year was a bit weird. When he was waiting for his SPM results, he was so free and got nothing to do. He applied for some part time jobs but he didn't get called. So, he was at home, all the time which made him joined a lot of family vacation this year. One day, when I was on semester break, he came to me. "Kakak, let's go to BBW tomorrow." At that time, Big Bad Wolf came to Terengganu.

I was like, "Huh? You asked Ayah. If he let us go on our own, then let's go!"

So our parents gave us the permission and the best was, the car! Since he can drive, everything becomes easier. We went to BBW and bought some books which I did not have the chance to finish them yet until now. This was on May, 2015.

I brought him to Chinatown since he had never been there. Believe me, he rarely visited Kuala Terengganu because most of his friends are in Kelantan.

I love the charm of Chinatown. It keeps a lot of heritages in there and they develop the place beautifully and creatively. The arts amazed me and they keep adding new arts. Although I have been there for countless time, but there will be new things installed every time I go there.

Bukit Keluang Virgin


This was my first hike to Bukit Keluang which was last May. I knew about the existence of the hiking trek but I did not have the chance to hike the hill until that day. Since I did not have the courage to drive, it was so hard for me to get there because no one wanted to entertain me but, my brother just got his license so our parents let us to go on our own.

This was before Bukit Keluang became a mainstream location. There were not many people hiking the hill during that day compared to nowadays. There are two entry points, I will not recommend the one with stairs because that path is harder for you to hike up compared to hike down. It is better if you hike from the entry point which is located behind a stranded pink bus stand.

The view is worth the hike. If you are lucky, you can see Pulau Perhentian from far.

Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop 2015


*This event was in January 2015*

Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop is one of components of the one year monitoring programme of Projek Kalsom. This is the first revisit workshop ever conducted after Projek Kalsom has reached the age of 20 year old last year. This is the continuation of Projek Kalsom 20 which was held in Kuala Nerang, Kedah in August 2014.

This might sounds confusing but the comittee for Projek Kalsom 20 and Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop were two different committees. Projek Kalsom 20 committee was led by a brilliant guy name, Mohd Zulikhwan Ayub while Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop was led by one of the MASCA people which was, Izat Ibrahim while being monitored by Zulikhwan. MASCA stands for Malaysian Students' Council of Australia. So, basically during Projek Kalsom 20, I met a lot of students who are studying in the north side of equator while during Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop, I got to know the students from down under. 

This workshop gave me the opportunities to revisit the kids who were under my supervision during Projek Kalsom 20. Based on my experience from Projek Kalsom 19, I did a mistake for not getting their contact information such as Facebook names and phone numbers because I could not keep in touch with them. Only some of them are still keeping in touch with me.

So, this workshop gave me the chance to meet my kids again and I hope I did inspire them a bit.

What we did was, we came out with three modules. The modules were Sejarah, Mathematics and English. So there were two hours for each module. We did not aim to teach everything since they had their teachers for that purpose but we shared a few tips for them to understand and prepare for their SPM. 

I was the module planner for English.  My partner was Nad. Nad was also one of the facilitators of Projek Kalsom 20. So, we focused on writing components. We put more attention on how can they get the ideas to write essay. We introduced the Kipling Method to them. The Kipling Method is a method where we use the WH-questions to trigger ideas.

The activity was, Everyone Wants to Have A Doraemon. They were given a comic strip for each group. Based on the scenario, they had to come out with one tool that could help Nobita to solve his problem. Based on the tool, they needed to come out with justifications. The justifications must be based on The Kipling Method. Such as:

What is the tool for?
Where can Nobita use the tool?
Who will get the benefits after using the tool?
When can Nobita use the tool?
Why should Nobita use the tool?
How can Nobita use the tool?

As we were staying in Alor Setar, we did not miss to explore the city of Alor Setar. We went to Muzium Kedah which is quite near to our accommodation during our off day.

On our last day, we were lucky that Zuli wanted to bring us around Alor Setar. So we went to the main tourist attraction which were majestic Masjid Zahir and Ukir Mall. From Masjid Zahir we could also see the Alor Setar Tower. I call Alor Setar tower as the cousin of KL Tower because they look almost the same except for the heights.

Eunice did also drop by and came to meet Nad and I. Eunice was also one of the facilitators of Projek Kalsom 20 but since she just started teaching at a school in Pendang, she could not join the workshop. I was so happy when Eunice wanted to visit us. You know, when people make the effort to come and see you, it shows that people do appreciate you.

I did hope that Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop was a success. The facilitators of Projek Kalsom 20 also carried out Kalsom MASCA Revisit Workshop 2.0 a few weeks ago and I could not make it due to my commitment now. I believe that all of us, the facilitators are wishing for the best for their kids. We had seen them grow, and we wish that they will go further.

Ipoh (Food) Trip


*This trip was in February 2015*

I was demotivated when I knew that I had to start my semester earlier than my friends from other public universities. It was funny, because after two days of the semester, we got two days break for Chinese New Year. Well, although there are a lot of Chinese in my campus and especially in my class but our uni decided that, we had to start a week earlier. Even UITM that has no Chinese started a bit later than us.


Since, my friends were on break, so we planned to go for a short getaway. I skipped one class to join them. Our destination was, Ipoh!


We came from different places, so I travelled solo that morning. We went to Ipoh because one of the Jaggers which is Azlin, is from Ipoh. I reached Ipoh a bit earlier than the others. So, Azlin picked me up at the bus station. The bus station was a bit far from the main town of Ipoh.

We picked the others at KTM station which is located in the heart of Ipoh. The KTM building is so nice but it was scorching hot, so we didn't bother to pose for a few snaps. 

The thing about us is, we never have a proper plan. For every meet up or reunion, we only set the place and the time. So according to our instincts which we were hungry,we started our adventure with a heavy brunch. Dina's brother in law suggested the famous Nasi Vanggey. It was 5 minutes away by car from the KTM station.

(No picture of Nasi Vanggey because I forgot. hehe)

Farisha had been to Ipoh previously. She said, she had tasted the best tau fu fah ever in Ipoh. So we looked for the shop because she was not sure of the exact location of the shop. I tried Tau Fu Fah for the first time and it was surprisingly good.

Now, whenever I bought Tau Fu Fah, I will always compare it to the one that I tried in Ipoh. No Tau Fu Fah has ever broken the record.

The Tau Fu Fah was from Funny Mountain at Jalan Theathre, Ipoh. The best thing about this shop is, it offers drive thru service. We ordered from the car and then they sent the bowls to our car. We enjoyed the soft Tau Fu Fah in the car with the air-conditioner on. (Sounds selfish. haha)

In the evening, we went to Padang Polo to enjoy the street food. There were a lot of stalls there. So we opt for Cendol, Laksa Kedah and Keropok. The laksa and cendol were nice although I can say that I have tasted better laksa and cendol.

There are a lot of new "hipsterish" cafe around Ipoh. The best thing about the cafes is, most of them are owned by Malays. So, they are halal! We googled a lot of cafes around Ipoh, unfortunately, they are closed on Tuesday. The only cafe that we managed to find was Karat Cafe which is located in Greentown.

Sincerely, the service was suck and the food was not that good. The only thing that we like was, the ambience. They renovated an old "rumah papan" into a restaurant. The house is full with vintage stuff, It made us reminiscing our childhood.

(This trip was in February 2015, a lot of things may have changed.)


We started the second day with the famous Roti Telur Goyang. Which is located just behind the Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh. There is a small food court behind the city hall. The combination of Roti Telur Goyang and Iced Milo was so good!

After having our breakfast, we walked around the city of Ipoh in searching for the famous street arts. There are a lot of street arts around Ipoh. The easiest way to find them is, you go to the one in front of the tourist information centre. There is a street art of an uncle enjoying his coffee. You will find a map which locates all of the street arts around the town.

Please find this uncle above first, and you will find the map below:

There are too many places for you to stop by when you roam around in searching for the street arts.  The buildings are beautiful and archaic. Every corner has its own charm and you should also stop at Sekeping Kong Heng which is near the Plan B restaurant. There are a lot of things to look at.

We wanted to try the ais kepal from Bits & Bobs but it was closed too. :(

Street arts checked!
Sekeping Kong Heng checked!

So, our next destination was the old castle located 20 minutes away from Ipoh. The castle is a must visit if you are the type who appreciates buildings, a history sucker or you love to be photographed. Kellie's Castle was built long ago but due to some complications, it was not finished and some say that it is a haunted castle.

You have to pay RM5 per entry.

 According to the one of the descriptions on the wall, at night if you are lucky, you can catch the glimpse of the late residences of this castle. Isn't that spooky enough for you?

The incomplete site.

By 3pm, we were exhausted as it was scorching hot. Warning: You better apply a lot of sunblock, if you want to explore Ipoh during the day. So we went back to Azlin's house to refresh ourselves before going for cafe hunting at night.

We googled the cafes around Ipoh and check the opening hours and days to make sure that we would not be disappointed. Our search brought us to Thumb's cafe. According to google, the cafe was the first halal cafe that was opened back then.

The best thing about the cafe is, the food is affordable although it is not really cheap (I mean for students like us). For example, this meatball costs me RM 8 for 6 pieces of meatballs which was enough for me.

The pavlova was also nice.


The last day in Ipoh and it was Chinese New Year. We planned to go out and look for breakfast but Azlin's mum was so nice to cook us Nasi Lemak. *blessed

While waiting for the breakfast to be served, we went to Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang which was found by Farisha or maybe Dina on Google the previous night. One word to describe the place, serene.

To access the park, you have to experience the RM3 boat ride. There is nothing much if you are seeking for something exciting but if you love a quite place to chill, this is definitely the place for you!

We went to Sekeping Kong Heng again right after breakfast because we wanted to try the ais kepal so bad to the extent Dina texted the owner of Bits & Bobs to ask if the store was open or not. We got the number from Facebook.

The owner replied, "We will be open at 12 pm and my boy, Alex will be there." So this is Alex:

These are the busybee, balls of shaved ice with sarsi, rosella and lychee. My advice, for first trial, please find a partner to share because it is too big.

The shop is Bits & Bobs which is located at Sekeping Kong Heng, right in front of Plan B. You can get the shaved ice for only RM3.

Finally, this post has came to an end. I have been keeping this post in my draft for almost seven months. I did even go to Ipoh for the second time which I will find a time to blog soon or maybe a few months later. Haha

After four months


Oh my, my last post was four months ago!

Hello! I am Fina. If there is still a sould reading this blog.

I am currently enjoying my teaching practicum experiences. There are too many things revolve around me and I think, I should put them in this blog, since I will come back to this space later on to reflect on what I had been thinking before.

You know, I always do this because this is how I reflect on my stupidity and immature thoughts.

Till then!