Thoughts on Teaching (2015)


I love teaching.

I love spreading knowledge and to be around students. I love shopping and travelling too. I want a job that I love to do. Because I will always believe that doing something that you love as a job is like being paid while I am having fun. I do hope, that I can be a tv host of a travelling show but, yeah I am not pretty enough to be a tv host.

Well, back to teaching. Teaching as a career is a choice. I can do it but I do not think that the payment is enough for the lifestyle that I love. Unless, if I get married to a rich man but I do not like to be dependent on man. I mean, I do not want to be dependent on man when it includes money. It is not fair for that man.

I think, the teachers in Malaysia do not get the payment that they deserve. With the implementation of the School Based Assessment, their workloads are getting bigger. I can see that, they bring their work home. For me, a worker has been spending half of his day at work doing his job and he should not bring his work home because we need a balance between work and life.

At least, if they do not want to raise the wages, every teacher deserves a teacher assistant. A teacher assistant is important, so that the teacher can focus on his or her own main job which is teaching. A teacher can focus on preparing the best lesson for the students. The teacher can focus on preparing the materials that suit the students’ needs and so on.

Oh, I should stop here. I have an action research to be completed. I just hope that my passion will be bigger than my lust for fancy things.

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