Social Network: Then and Now


I know that blogging is not a trend anymore but I still love this tiny space. It is liberating and I even made friends from here too.

But.. that was long ago. Now, people have moved to Instagram. I do find it is hard to write long caption to replace blogging because people won't bother to read it.

Reminiscing the old days, where I told almost everything on my blogs such as hang out with friends, the stressful life that I had and stuff that a 18 years old girl loves to write back then. Now, I found that, dangerous. I just realized that telling everything about my friends on blog is dangerous. People knew who my friends. My friends said this before, "Fina, you know what there was someone who said that he knows me from your blog."

I was shocked. Well, I have put my friends' lives online and people may know about them easily. 

I did also realize that, I have been posting places that I always go and if there is a single soul who wanted to harm me, I would be dead by then. Luckily, I am still alive. Haha

Growing up made me realize that, social network is a dangerous place. You can't simply put your address, your favourite hang out place and things like that in here, because those places might not be safe when people know that you are always there.


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