Resolutions: Start Small


To write, you need to read.
That is me. I just found another blog that I have marked it as my favourite blog. It is written by Raja Sarina, a blogger that I follow on Instagram. She shared her blog on her Instagram, and I started reading her blog and I cannot wait for more. Her writing inspires me.

Life should not be about fame and pretty things. Life is about empowering oneself by working hard in achieving your goal. 

She shared her resolution board, and I am inspired by that board.

Taken from her blog,

From her resolutions, she made me realize that I do not need to dream big thing, such as write an entry everyday. I need to start from as simple as washing my face two times per day. Well, for me, maybe I should apply lip balm at least twice a day. I have chapped lips problem although I drink more 2 litres of water everyday.

I am going for my practicum this July. If you do not know, I am doing TESL now. Our internship programme is called as teaching practicum. I will have to write a reflection journal everyday. So, that is a lot of things to do. Hence, I need to list my resolutions for my teaching practicum period.


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