An Instagram Break


I admit that I am addicted to Instagram. It always happens that, whenever I get the wifi connection, I will scroll my Instagram until the last photo that I have viewed previously. Sometime, if my Instagram feed has nothing to offer, I will go stalking. I will find any random people who I think worth-stalking. Usually they will be either a traveler, someone that has a lot of money or pretty girl. I can waste an hour while lazing on my bed and scroll the instagram which lead to unproductive habit.

I do also realize that I have read less. I did not finish any novel during Semester 5, except for the required novels for my Literature classes and I only finished three out of four. So, with that realization, I decided to delete a few apps on my smart phone which includes Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I can still access Facebook and Twitter on laptop but not Instagram but I do peek a bit for a few of my friends' Instagram feed on web. 

I'm still trying not to. It is like an addiction. Like smoking, it is not an easy habit to kill. At least, I have finished three novels after a week going without Instagram. So, feast your eyes with some of my favourite photos from my Instagam.