Less Contact Hours but, Lots of Love.


My pretty girls.

I do not contact them as often as I should, and somehow I am always afraid that we will be in an awkward zone because we barely see each others.  

But, I do miss them. Always.

They are one of the sets of my support systems during my worst year in PASUM. 
The moment when I did not know what should I do in life.
The moment when once I wanted to stop studying.
The moment when I wanted to just let a car hit me and die.
The moment when I was at my worst.
They make me want to stay and live.


My Current Epiphanies


1. I am supposed to finish a report on STD but I'm stuck somewhere in the middle where I should give suggestions on how to prevent STD. I should listen more to Tira who is currently doing Internal Medicine cycle.

2. I love someone who I should not love who I want to run away from but I can't. Urgh. Complex.

3. Life has been hectic lately and I forgot that I have a blog to share it. Well,  I did not get sleep for a few nights and if you know me well, I savour my sleep. I can sleep after a few seconds by just putting my head on the pillow.

4. I am insecure as hell. The weighing scale brings me 8 points forward compared to last year.

5. Weirdly, people are saying that I'm getting thinner. 

6. Sarah said that my English is getting worse. I have to admit it. I can't even write a proper blog entry.

7. I need to go less on Instagram because I think I go there for at least 3 hours per day which is a bad thing. If I use that 3 hours wisely, I can finish my assignments earlier and I can watch more English movies to improve my language.

8. I just found Hana's blog and she writes better than me who is majoring in English.

9. I'm sinful. I read less al-Quran.

10. I am admitting that I am an attention seeker. Period.