Waves of English - SEMESTI


Being granted to be the Exco of Community Service of ELS, I have the "privileged" to be the director of every English Camp that we are invited and the one that we plan.

I have to admit that, I am not used to lead because I love to be lead. It is hard to oversee a group of people under you and the responsibilities are not easy to be handled.

I did a lot of mistakes and I was affected by high pressure of stress. I produced assignments of poor quality and I yearned for a lot of leisure and pleasure but somehow, seeing kids makes me smile. I love to be surrounded by them. 

Their attitudes are absolutely amazing. They are enthusiastic and energetic. SEMESTI kids are awesome. Do you want to read the proves?

First, the facilitators were chilling in the dining room, there were a few minutes before the session should start. A boy came, "Facis, we are ready now."

Seriously? Never in my life, a student came and ask us to start the session earlier than the exact schedule.

Second, it was late, it was almost 11pm. We were supposed to end the session at 11pm, so the moderator of that slot asked, "Do you want to go to bed?"

Their reaction, "No!! We don't want."

The facilitators were tired and sleepy but the kids were still eager to continue the session. Haha

Luckily, we are over with English camps for this semester but I am still searching for schools for next semester's programmes.