Sushi and I


Nowadays, every single person who go out with me wants to dine in at Sushi King. Luckily, I never tired of it. Hehe. Not yet tired of it but I do hope for so because there will be a huge whole in my pocket every time I decide to enjoy Sushi King.

Stop Eating and Start Treating


I read a story on Neelofa's instagram. She posted a story about a rich woman with nice clothes who was not happy. The woman met her psychiatrist and he asked the rich woman, "Why are you here today?"

The rich woman said, "I'm not happy."

The psychiatrist called a cleaner lady. He said, "I'm going to ask her, how does she find her happiness?"

To cut it short, the cleaner lady's story is one of the most heartbreaking story I ever heard. She lost her husband and a few months after that she lost her only son. It was depressing for the lady cleaner, she could not eat and she could not smile.

One day, on her way home, a kitten followed her. She let the kitten in and she gave it milk. The kitten licked the plate clean. The kitten purred and rubbed against her leg and for the first time, she smiled. She said, "If helping a little kitten could make me smile, maybe doing something nice could make me happy."

So, the next day, she baked biscuits and gave them to her sick neighbour. Day by day, she tried to do something nice to someone. "It made me so happy to see them happy. Today, I don't know of anybody who sleeps and eats better than I do."

The rich lady cried. She did have everything that money can buy but she had lost the things that money can't buy.

The beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy others can be because of you.

So, it hits me that I keep wasting money on paying for good food which the happiness does not last long. It makes me think that, what if the money that I spend to pay for the expensive food is used for treating my friends or random strangers. It is a nice thing and somehow, I believe I will be happier than before.

Let say, the cheapest food that I will pay for at a fine dining restaurant cost three portions of the food that I enjoy at the normal restaurant every day. It makes me thinking, what will happen if I treat two of my friends and I for a dinner rather than I go alone to a fine dining restaurant and splurge my money on expensive food.

I'll try to do some experiment and will get back to you later!

Projek Kalsom 20


It was my second year with Projek Kalsom but if you ask me "Why did I join again?", I definitely cannot give the right answer. It is because I feel like I want to. It is a humbling experience and most ultimately, I learn new things every year.

A brief explanation if people ask me about Projek Kalsom is, "Projek Kalsom is a motivational programme for under privileged students especially in rural areas. We help them mainly in utilizing English, develop their soft skills and expose them towards the chances that they have for their tertiary education."

My group, Cyclops.

The programme was initiated by a group of Malaysian students who were studying in United Kingdom 20 years ago but now, they offer the chances to all Malaysian students across the world, including Malaysia. Hello! I'm studying in Malaysia.

The other facilitators never fail to impress me. This year I can see, the reason why I never passed my interview. Most of the facilitators are scholars from big companies in Malaysia. Looking at them, makes me realize what I do not pose in order to score a scholarship. I just managed to move on after years being rejected by a few sponsors. It's okay, I can try again.

Starting from Projek Kalsom 19, there are international facilitators joining us during the one week camp. The international facilitators are fun to mingle with especially when you are introducing them to our food and culture. I did prank Laurence and Thom to eat overripe petai. Haha. It was hillarious! The other thing that I did was, I taught Laurence to speak Malay in Kelantanese accent. As a British, he did well.

There are more than 20 modules every year. These modules are tailored carefully by the module managers with the help of the facilitators. A pair of facilitator will take in charge in one module. The module managers give us the objectives and some suggestions and we, the facilitators may conduct the module under their monitoring.

During Lan and Jijah's session
During Lan and Jijah's session, I only brought my camera during this session because it was an outdoor activity.
Yana was over the sky
Bidding goodbyes to the kids.

The separation was the hardest. I managed to not cry this year because I was in charge with Cultural Night and Closing Ceremony. Hence, I was a bit busy and didn't spend enough time with the kids on the last day which led me to regret the action later. Luckily, I'm going to see them again for a revisit workshop next year. It is a surprise and I hope they didn't find my blog. Haha

We were lucky that Projek Kalsom 20 was held in Dusun Eco Resort. It is an orchard! We ate fresh fruits everyday. After the kids went home, we did go around the orchard and ate variety of fruits. There were mata kucing, jambu air, rambutan and langsat or maybe duku or dokong, I never do able to differentiate them.

That night, we did have a ready-made barbecue because Zuli the director did not want the same incident happened again which last year the facilitators were in charge for the grilling part resulting in most of the chickens were cooked well done. Then, my clique (even in a week camp, I managed to find a clique) and I sneaked out from the party and went for a light swim. Although, I didn't know how to swim but it was fun to dip ourselves in the pool. We went to bed early that night.

The other group, they played games and had chit chat till late at night. While, my group who went early to bed woke up early because we were eager to continue our orchard exploration. This time, we found different fruits. We found cempedak! The taste was super delicious! We also found limau barli but the condition was not good, so we could not taste it. Sob sob.

The cempedak. I hope,  I don't get the name wrong.

We found a lot of petai trees and it was my first time to see petai tree although I love petai so much! Jijah, the most adventurous girl I have ever met decided to climb the tree. If you never see a petai tree, the tree is super tall. She managed to collect a bunch of petai for us to bring home. Sadly, I could not bring them home since I have a lot more destination to head for.

Yana, Uni and Jijah. The group of girls who woke up early to scavenge the orchard.
I do not know how to conclude this entry and it is hard to write everything because I am not good at describing. The thing that I keep telling people is, "If you wanna know more, you have to join Projek Kalsom." Because it is indescribable. 

You may watch the video, if you wanna see a bit of Projek Kalsom.

Finally,  I managed to produce the entry that was saved in my draft for months. I am missing this bunch of inspiring people. We are clingy, our whatsapp group never went silent for a day, at least for now (after two months).

The committee members and the facilitators with a few missing people. Picture from Jijah.