It's Fina again. Life has it's up and down. A lot of things happened these past few days. Although I can't believe they happened but they are reality. 

First, I happened to challenge myself to sign up for a post that I'm sure the workload will turn me into a crazy girl. I just had the skype interview last morning and I do not know what did I do and what did I tell them. It was my first skype interview anyway and I can't even see the interviewers. I think they might have a bad judgment on me.

I went to a meeting because I wanted to sign up for the club but unexpectedly, I was elected to be one of the exco. Now, I have a programme to be planned and some more programme to be brainstormed. Anyway, I got a cute partner. Haha

I am very glad that I managed to meet my girlfriends from UM's days. It has been months since the last gathering. Luckily, the sparks are still there and they reminded me of the moment that we share before. The moment when we study hard and play hard. I am inspired by them, hence now I am in the library.

I am planning to study hard and play hard for this semester. With double workloads compared to last semester, my new home here is the library. I am trying to complete all of my works on weekdays and go have fun on weekends. I'm not sure how long I can stand this, but I hope it will last long. 

Do pray for me! As if there is someone reading my blog. It is a lucky thing that people can't find my blog on google.

I just miss school

Money Planner


I did remind myself a few times last week to do a spreadsheet of my money planning. Money planning is important because, I will see which one is need and which one is my lust. The main intention for me to carry out a money planning spreadsheet is because I need a reminder that I'm a penniless girl. But..

I went to watch movie yesterday
and sneaked in Subway's sandwiches
not to forget, swallowed sushi

and I am planning to go out with my girls


where is my money planner?

Alone but not lonely.


Alone but not lonely because God is with me. 

You will be closer to God when you are alone and lonely. As a person who loves to be on a lone ranger mode, I have to admit that I feel the closest to God when I am alone. It is the time when I have no one to rely on. I mean I have my family, but I'm not crazy to tell them that I'm walking alone at night. (If Ibu found this, I'll be dead). I am so used to travel alone. I ride the bus at night alone, I board the flight alone, I use the train alone and I usually walk alone around KL, and especially at campus.

It is so hard to keep relying on people. As it is hard to keep bugging people when you don't help them much. I know I'm useless. I don't think I help that much. I keep giving burden to people. So, I decide to stand on my own and what makes me stronger is, when I believe God is with me.

What Are You Thankful For Today?


Sincerely, money crisis and I cannot be separated. Especially during the starting of semester. I have to pay for the six months house rent in one go, I have to buy books, nonsense clothes which some subjects require, bills and a lot more. 

Having friends who are lucky to get load of money at the beginning of the semester is really not helping. They keep eating out and somehow I cannot cope with that. Asking money from my parents for the second time in a month is something that I try hard to not do it. My parents have spent loads of money on me, so I am feeling guilty to ask for more.

But, I am thankful. Somehow, I feel blessed. 

For example, last Tuesday, I only have hundred ringgit in my purse for me to survive until next payment day. It is a struggle to spend less than 10 ringgit when I need to have proper lunch and dinner or my tummy would go wrong. Luckily, I attend a two days seminar. Thank god, there are free food starting to breakfast till evening tea and during the night, I eat instant noodle. I save RM20. 

The next two days, RM50 vanished from my purse. There are a lot of thing which needs payment. Okay, RM50 for a whole week till payment day. When you realize you didn't have money, the stress in your body will increase. That is what happen to me and to pretend you are okay when you call your mum is not an easy thing. 

But, still I feel thankful. Allah the Almighty helps me again.

My cousin asked me to accompany her to a kenduri at her future Mother-In-Law's house. So, her family picked me up and we went to kenduri. Somehow, my uncle has the same trait as me which we love impromptu trip. We went for an impromptu vacation at Lumut, Perak.

It's like I'm hitting a jack pot. I got a free vacation! (Although I am penniless)

If without Allah's blessing, I think I will never survive as long as this with only RM100. Alhamdulillah Allah. I am thankful because you send me kind people, food, help, and test at the same time because then I realize, I am your servant who needs you.



Lately, I realize that I'm making a lot of friends who are not around my age. I mean, I am 21 and my new friends are a few year older or a few year younger than me. What I love about them is, they treat me like friends, no seniority. I just hate to call people "kak" or "abang" as I hate people calling me "kak", Oh please! I'm not your "kakak".

My new friends also do give me a new insight about my failures. I can see the reason behind my failures in passing interviews and stuff. They are so inspiring. Their school of thinking are different. Their way of mingling are also different. 

What I need now, is more reading because their general knowledge are wider than me!

Say what? New semester?


It's the first day of semester!

It hits me hard when I realize that I am a Year 3 student. Man, I feel like I just registered yesterday. Semester 5 sounds tough, by the list of subjects and everything. I had a great semester break and to move forward and set my mind into a serious mood is not an easy thing to do. I need to move on.

Writing and Reading


Hey again!

I purposely force myself to write because I found that I have poor writing skills and that is a bad thing for a future teacher like me. I read somewhere, to be good in writing, you need to keep writing. So, that's it! I'm trying to improve myself. I realize that my writing style is inclined to fictional, I love to quote dialogue and describe the event. I am pretty sure, my reading materials influence me a lot. I don't read serious stuff. I prefer fictions. 

Currently, I'm trying to finish the Harry Potter series and not to forget the Bloodlines series and I Am Number Four series that I just bought. I bet, now you have realized what kind of person I am. I am not living in reality. I always hope that I can board the train to Hogwarts, I believe that being a dhampir is super cool and to fight Mogdarions is okay as long as you have the super power.

I am in needing of more holidays! I have The Hunger Games series that needs my attention but hell yeah, I don't want to be Katniss.

Hi bloggie!


New semester is coming, really soon. It is sprinting toward me. I do not know what am I trying to deliver but I have the urge to write something here. It is much better nowadays, because there are not much readers or not even one. I can write and go "meroyan" without the urge to hide my true colour because I am one of the people who do not like to read too much rants on Twitter and Facebook.

I think my post is going no where. Haha. But, my dear blog, you will see me more!



There is a moment when you decide to quit everything and run away, to go to a place where you know no one and hope for no one knows you. When you live to impress people, you will think to do that. Since, you are tired to impress everyone and you found out no one is impressed by you. Run. Run from that school of thinking, you live to impress no one but yourself. Go out of you comfort zone and challenge yourself, you might find something that you never thought you will.

Random Stranger: A German Guy


I tweeted, "If it is fated for me to sit beside a guy in a bus, I always wish that he is a foreigner because, of course he doesn't even want to touch me."

Then as the bus reached Putra station, a blonde and tall guy approaced me, "Hi! My seat is 19."

Hahaha. My wish came true. I stood up and gave him way, "Sure."

He was having a problem because he could not find the way to recline his seat. So, I spoke to him. Maybe he realized that I can speak English, he kept striking a conversation and I was trying to be a good Malaysian continued to talk and trying to keep the conversation going on untill I could not carry on and decided to pretend to fall asleep.

Unexpectedly, he is from Germany. I thought he is from US or UK since he doesn't produce any weird accent and I stupidly stated, " I thought people from Germany do not speak English, but your English is good."

I do envy him, as he is currently spending his summer holiday visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. He doesn't even plan it properly. He does it based on his own instinct. I did ask him, "How long are you going to spend at Perhentian Island?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe four or five days."

"So, then where are you going after that?"

"Maybe, Pulau Tioman."

I do wish that I can be that spontaneous in planning my trip but I know my parents will be mad if they found it and I do wish I have more money to spend for traveling too...