Jump Street


It has been an annually routine for me to spend some time in KL during my semester break because it is the only chance for me to see my old friends from school or foundation year. Eating out has been a common thing for us, so we always search for something new to venture. This year, we tried Jump Street.

My verdict: I felt like a loser but I want to go there again.

Basically, the only thing that we do here is jumping on trampolines. It is a bonus if you have a very flexible body but I don't. The referees will show you some basic steps and if you are good they will teach you more. Since, we were shy, we tried a bit and jumped aimlessly and trying to catch up with the songs. It was fun and I  think I did burn some calories there because I was sweating a lot.

We chose 12 pm session. We went a bit early because we didn't book. Luckily it was Wednesday, there were not much people so we were able to walk in. While waiting for our session, we did hang out at the cafe.

We nervously went into the arena, when our session started because all of us were noobs. We did jump a few minutes till one of the referees came to us and taught a few basic steps. The arena is divided into a few spaces. There are main arena, foam pit, dodgeball, the wall, slam dunk, big bang, the cage, and high performance. We spent most of the time at the main arena but we did try the slam dunk and the foam pit. 

They do provide basic facilities such as water dispenser, toilets and prayer room. After jumping, we did change our clothes and pray in the prayer room. I found it very convenient because I rarely find prayer room in that kind of places.

Here are some information if you are interested to try,



I would suggest weekdays because it is cheaper and there will be not much people, so less hassle.

To experience something new while sweating and burn the calories.

Anyone who is healthy and fit to jump.

How much?
RM 20 for the first hour, RM17 for the second hour (Off-Peak)
RM25 for the first hour, RM22 for the second hour (Peak)
RM 4.50 for special socks
RM 10 for locker deposit

*it would be best if you book your session first to avoid sessions sell out

The information above are mostly from their website: JUMP STREET