A date with Sarah


This is a normal post of how a pair of girls unwind their stress after finishing a semester which is full of drama.

So, as stated up there, a date with Sarah. Sarah is the most honest person I have ever met. If I ask her anything for example, "Do I look fat?", she will definitely answer according to how I do look. As lately I did gain some weight so her answer was "Yes, Fina you are." 

And she is the only person who manage to bear with my sushi craving, everytime. If I go out with others with the main intention to eat sushi, it will end up we will be eating something else but sushi. Fortunately, we went to Sushi King on the day they carried the Bonanza Promotion. We had 14 plates that costed about MYR75 for MYR40. Cheapskate will always use every opportunity. 

Since, I chose the restaurant, she picked the movie. We watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 and I was the loser who never watched How To Train Your Dragon. The movie was cool and that made me watched the first movie after I reached home.

After the movie, we went to my favourite bookstore which is Kinokuniya. I did have a few books in mind but I had exceeded my budget this month, so no book but I do know what I should buy if I receive my book voucher (if there still is) next year. I want to have the compilation of the Wreck This Journal. The books are good for me since they will help to reduce the stress in a healthy way.

After wandering in the bookstore and bought nothing, we bought our drinks and chilled at KLCC Esplanade. At first, Sarah wanted to enter the Petrosains but we were late a few minutes after the last admission. Her last minute suggestion made me want to have an educational trip to KLCC someday later. I want to go on a day trip where I will visit the bridge, Petrosains and Aquaria not the shopping mall.

It was a food hunting day for me, we tried the Garret popcorn for the first time. Although a small pack costs about MYR9 to MYR14 but the taste is good. Since, we bought Caramel Popcorn, so it does taste sweet. I love the ensembles from the packaging to the tissue. The quote on the tissue does describe how do I feel at that time, love is messy. 

Before going back, we stopped at H&M which is Sarah's favourite place. I love H&M flats, and I already have two. They always produce new colours for that particular design. I have maroon and grey but I do want to add the blue and pink into the family. Sadly, I did not have enough money. I have to make a new plan for the next semester. I need to save money for the end of the semester because sales are all over the places during the end of the semesters which are June and December.

It was fun but cost a lot of money. Since, I went home on the next day, so it was okay and now I am on a long holiday, two months and a half of holidays.

Re-Post: Archive


I need the vibe to do photography again. Well, I am not a professional one but having a few good pictures in my album is a satisfaction for me. These pictures were taken a few years back but I re-publish them. They were taken in Penang and Taiping.