Babysitting Experience: Legoland


I was supposed to study during the precious study week but it happened that study week will always fall on the same week of school holidays. There is no other time that I am able to spend with my family other than school holidays especially Aiman, the busiest boy that I have ever met. 

The proves are:
1. He is studying at a boarding school
2. He is an SPM candidate
3. He plays basketball at the national level
4. He doesn't go home much

Basically, the only chance that I have to spend some time with him is on Hari Raya. 

Weirdly, he took leave from his game for this school holiday. This is the first family vacation that he joins after three years. Maybe, because it is Legoland.

So, what is so good about Legoland that makes him want to go there?

The ticket sold is about 100 MYR for each person, the food sold is not cheap, the souvenirs are also expensive and it is far at the South of Malaysia. 

1. Rides
The rides are okay. Ammar who has acrophobia (Fear of Height) could pass through every rides without puking or fainting. They are not extreme but fun enough for us. We tried most of the rides except for the spinning one because I did not want to get dizzy. Since, there are not much rides there, we tried Project X and Dragon Roller Coaster twice, we wished to try them for the third time but Ibu was calling for us to get out from the park. My parents left us there and let me babysit them. Since, nothing attracts them to come in.

The most fun ride for me was the Dino Island Ride / Log Ride / Water Ride. Because we were literally wet after going on the ride. There are dryers provided in the parks but they costs 10MYR per usage. Since, we are cheapskate, we let the scorching hot sun to dry us.

I found videos of some of the rides on Youtube:

Aiman prefers the rides above

I like this one.

And, Amsyar love this one because he is a counter strike maniac. He got the highest mark among four of us.

The boat ride which at first Ammar proudly said, "Let me drive." and then after a few moment, I was the one who has the control because he sucks at driving.

2. 4D Cinema
There were four movies screened during that day but we watched only two of them. You can check the schedules and choose which movie you want to watch. We watched a racing movie and The Legend of Chima. I prefer the Legends of Chima.

Since it is 4D, the tendency to get wet is bigger because there were snow effect, splash effect, rain effect, smoke effect and a lot more effects.

3. Monuments
There are a lot of monuments from all over the world. Some of the items are moving and there is a button of random effects which when we push it, an effect will be produced.

4. Landscape
They really did a good job in bringing out the scenes of every concept. There are themes for each rides, and the landscaping was done nicely which make us want to be photographed at every corner of the park.

5. Souvenirs
According to the website there are fives shop in the park but I only found four of them. For a budget tourists like us we were really picky in buying the souvenirs. Amsyar bought a plastic bag of LEGO which costed him 50 MYR. Then I paid for a set of LEGO characters which is 25 MYR for 3 characters. We can customize the LEGO character by ourselves. You can choose the facial expression, the hair, the shirt, the pants/skirt and you can add another accessories. 

These two characters were made by Aiman and I.

6. Food
We did not eat in the park because my brothers are choosy. Basically, you will spend 20MYR per person for a meal in the park. There are a few eateries in there. We chose to eat outside. There is a mall in front of Legoland. We can go out but they will stamp something on our hand if we wish to come in again.

There are a few fast food eateries outside. Some of them are KFC, Burger King, Secret Recipe and The Manhattan Fish Market. We chose KFC but the tax here is a bit different. It is almost the same as KLIA and Genting Theme Park.

Basically, if you want to go there, plan everything carefully. Because if you purchase the tickets online a week earlier you may get 20% discount!  

Happy Father's Day


It's father's day today!

I have no other ability than making lasagnas. (What is the plural of lasagna?)

I am a girl with no money. My source of money is my parents, and I keep asking them money. I am not like others who know how to score a scholarship, or a job. I am incapable. I am not good. I'm sorry my dear parents for burning a hole in your pockets, every months.

I'm glad that Ayah loves it. 




Vivien's Birthday Celebration


Vivien is one of my unique friends. She comes from mix lineage, her maternal side is Lumbawang (Bumiputra) and her paternal side is Chinese. So, last few months (Sorry, just got the mood today), she threw a birthday dinner and she paid it. 

It was not a normal dinner, since I consider that restaurant as a fine dining restaurant. We ate Chinese food! I love the beancurd by the way. 

The funny thing was, we could not surprise her because she could sense everything. Anyway, Chuin did buy a cake, so we just brought out the cake and sing the song. 

It was a simple event but since we were barely in the same class for this semester, the dinner was the only chance for us to have a chit chat. Birthday is meaningful as long as your friends surround you.