You try to put it in a picture
As best as you can
You try to make others see 
As you feel they deserve it
You want people to be in awe
As you was awestruck

But, you realize
You are not good enough
As the truth is not as what it is seen
Because the picture stays different



I am running

Running away from trouble

I am running away from you

Running away from sorrow

Because, running is a therapy

Which helps me to justify

Running keeps me alert

As it pleases my body

The trouble that I face

Is the trouble that I seek

The trouble that I fear

Is the trouble that I create

For, I am the troublemaker

Who keep peace away from you

I'm sorry

Truly sorry

Foul entity


I am the machine

The uncontrollable machine

A machine which made you got blamed

The blame that came from me

I move my feet

away from you

Because I want to skid

Away from you

The feeling is hidden inside

Because there is a soul I shall save

From an entity

Full of foul

Review: Kisah Naz dan Khalish


Novel ini aku beli di PWTC pada Khamis lalu. Sebenarnya tak rancang pun nak pergi pesta buku tu sebab kononnya buku-buku menarik tidak ada tapi sebenarnya, nafsu seorang pembaca novel ini tidak dapat dibendung apabila dikelilingi oleh novel-novel yang banyak terutamanya novel Jemari Seni. Rasanya, Jemari Seni kena bagi diskaun lebih lagi sebab kalau tengok pada rak buku aku di rumah, 70% novel melayu adalah daripada Jemari Seni. 

Kita cerita pasal novel-novel Jemari Seni pada hari lain, sebab tak boleh sentuh lagi, nanti melarat. Lambakan tugas pada minggu-minggu kritikal melambai-lambai. Ini pun nak review novel ni sebab hari tu terbaca dalam perjalanan pulang ke Tanjung Malim. 

Novel ini bukan novel Jemari Seni tapi novel ini telah lama aku perhatikan di rak-rak kedai buku, lantas apabila aku lihat di pesta buku lalu, harganya hanyalah RM15, terus aku ambil. Sinopsisnya menarik. Salah satu cara untuk menarik pembaca adalah dengan penulisan sinopsis yang menarik, kerana sinopsis adalah first impression kepada pembaca. Kulit buku sudah tidak dipandang.

Kisah Naz dan Khalish ni steroetype. Pasal lelaki kaya, anak jutawan dan perempuan yang boleh tahan kaya tapi belum lagi tahap anak jutawan. Takpe la, asalkan penulis tu tak senaraikan segala jenis jenama pakaian, aku boleh tahan lagi. Kalau nak baca novel pasal pakaian berjenama baik aku baca Shopaholic The Series.

Cerita ini biasa tapi gaya penceritaan yang menarik. Aku asyik tergelak-gelak seorang diri sampaikan kawan aku memberi pandangan pelik. Aku suka watak Naz. Dia ni perempuan unik. Bukan jenis-jenis yang aku tidak gemar.

Dia kuat, pandai berdikari dan dia memberi inspirasi untuk aku keluar melihat dunia. Dia bawa diri setelah kecewa dengan orang yang tak pernah sedar akan kewujudannya. Sedih bukan? Naz dah banyak meneroka negara asing. Bukan senang untuk seorang wanita bertudung untuk mengembara. Watak Naz, membuatkan aku tertanya-tanya, bila aku mahu mengembara melihat dunia?

Bagi aku yang menarik dalam novel ini adalah pada kekuatan watak Naz sahaja. Dia memberi inspirasi padaku. Wanita perlu tegas pada lelaki, lepas kahwin baru boleh tunjukkan sifat manja. 


Quench the thirst!


Living on your own is not an easy thing to do, but I'm glad that I have them. They are the people who manage to adjust with my tantrums. I throw tantrums, a lot and not many can stand it.

We went to, pay the internet bill today and somehow despite our money running low, we went to Tutti Frutti which is just beside the TM Point. Blame the weather that made us thirsty. Haha, okay blame me who can't control my lust.

At least, we shared the new ice-cream combination. It is a combination of yogurt ice-cream with fruits and almond. I was tempted to try the chocolate, peanuts mix but since everyone prefers fruits rather than chocolate, so I tolerate with myself. Besides, the one that we chose is a bit healthier compared to mine and I have to watch my food intake.

Nowadays, we do a lot of cooking, and that makes us enjoy the food while saving a bit penny. 

A poem for Anas


As the caravans of sadness reach us,
where are the tears to console us?
We don't cry over our affliction
because of Qadar (predestination),
instead we swallow our sadness
like a bitter-sweet drink
There can be no objection to
what our Qadar has brought,
nor can we object to the decision of our Creator

with the departure of his shrouded body, 
our hearts bleed from
deep pangs of suffering
O Allah,
please forgive us our tears for Anas,
as he was our guiding star in the darkness
Our Lord,
bless his place of rest and
grant us patience
as our companion in hardship

The poem was written by a Anas' mother. I do not know these people both Anas and his mother but I know they are among the great Allah's servants.

Although this poem has no ryhme and it is a blank verse poem, but it is a beautiful poem. It is a sincere poem from a mother. A mother who gave the birth of this man who went to see his creator. The sincerity will bring tears. How strong this mother can be? I respect her, she doesn't cry. She is indeed a strong woman.

The moment I lost my grandfather and grandmother who I am partially close with were enough to bring tears and sometime, when I imagine my parents leave me, the tears come uninvited. I cannot be strong as her to accept the Qadar. I know, I am a servant who does not love the creator at the most yet, but Allah, my creator, the creator of everything, I want to get closer to you and I know as I'm coming close, you will come closer to me. I know, I will never be disappointed if I love you because your love is the best love that everyone should not miss it.

Nawal's 21st Birthday Celebration


It has been a long time since the last time I wrote about my personal stuff here. Something like my hang out with my friends. I am a bit reluctant to post pictures here. There are some of my friends who I always write about them before this, are being stalked by people. So, I do not want to share the guilty of letting them exposed. I deleted most of the pictures here. 

But, yesteday was fun and I do not know, where else should I post this (that will not annoy people)? Since, I do not have much readers nowadays, so I think I can keep posting my activities again. Weehoo!

My plan was to go watch movie with Nawal because we haven't meet for a long time. So, we made a plan then somehow it turned out that we went to Pah's roommate's sister's wedding and it was somewhere in a military base. 

Then, in the evening we went to Setia City Mally because we were eager to try the bubbles but sadly we were disappointed because the park was closed due to a private function. We planned to do a birthday surprise to Nawal at the field, so our plan was ruined. Luckily, Nawal did wish to eat Delicious' Sundae, so we went to Delicious and ordered a few desserts.

Djoe and Pah went out to take the balloons with the excuse that they wanted to go to toilet but Nawal was anxious because they took a long time. I tried to divert her attention, so I asked her to take pictures of me and chit chatted on random things. Haha.


She spotted them first with the balloons. Argh! Luckily she never suspected until she saw the balloons.

Amalan vs Riak


Ikhlas tu bukan kita ukur, tu biar Allah yang tentukan. Jangan sampai kita tinggalkan amalan ibadat sebab tak nak riak dengan manusia, kerana tu la tanda kita riak dengan Allah sebenarnya.

Contengan Jalanan- K

Sungguh bila nak baca al-Quran dalam bas, rasa serba salah sebab takut nanti tiba-tiba riak. Masalahnya, kalau tak baca dalam bas, masa lain rasa malas nak baca. Jadi pada aku baik aku baca daripada aku hilang peluang untuk buat pahala. Riak tu boleh dibunuh kalau kita dah biasakan diri buat sesuatu. Bila dah biasa buat, kita pun tak akan hiraukan pandangan orang sekeliling.

Contohnya, kalau baca al-Quran dalam bas, orang tengok kita, biarkan sahaja dia buat tanggapan. Yang penting kita fokus kepada bacaan. Banyak lagi boleh fokus daripada nak fikir pasal tanggapan orang lain yang boleh menimbulkan riak, contohnya makhraj dan tajwid bacaan kita.

Contoh lain, solat sunat Dhuha. Kalau rasa tak nak buat sebab orang lain tak buat, sepatutnya kita terus buat. Mungkin, Allah bagi hidayah kepada orang tersebut melalui kita untuk dia mula membiasakan diri mendirikan solat sunat Dhuha.

Kalau kita yang rasa, kita tak nak laksanakan satu-satu amalan sebab tak nak timbulkan riak, nanti kita yang rugi. Biarkan sahaja riak tu nak muncul sebab bila dah sebati dengan amalan tu, riak tu akan hilang juga secara perlahan-lahan.

Pride and Prejudice : Short Analysis


I just finished Pride and Prejudice after two days trying hard to understand the diction of the 304 pages novel. Even the spelling is different, the word "choose" is spelled as "chuse". On that novel, I did write the date of purchasing which was on 24th January 2009, a few days before I moved to another school. I tried to read that novel to kill the boredom of enrolling at a new school but I only managed to read not more than 50 pages. 

After that, the novel was kept nicely on my bookshelf. Although the character of Mr. Darcy did make me want to know what is so great about him that many people talk about him but I never had the intention to read the novel again until the moment I watched the movie (Kiera Knightley version).

My improvement in English also helps me in understanding the diction since I am exposed to various classic literature nowadays. Oh! That reminds me of the novel that I should read for my assignment. 

This novel shows the beauty of being in love without lust. It is a pure love. You fall in love in their personality. As at first, Mr Darcy does not acknowledge Elizabeth as a handsome lady but as they acquaint more from day to day especially at Bingley's residence, he falls into Elizabeth's personality. Mr. Darcy is viewed as a man full of pride and Elizabeth has a lot of prejudices towards him. These two elements create a collision between both of them. 

When Mr. Darcy confesses his love towards Elizabeth, she rejects him because of the differences that they share.

In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.
Chapter 34

If Mr. Darcy is a man full of pride, he will never confess. It is the same as what is happening in our society. In our modern day, Mr. Darcy can be regarded as a tycoon since he owns Pemberly, an estate which rewards him at least 10 thousand a year. Can you imagine 10 thousands during the year 1800? So back to the topic, people with that large amount of money are easily regarded as people with pride when they do nothing except owning a sum of big asset. People usually regard rich people as ignorant, snob and full of pride but do they even care to get to know to these rich people?

Elizabeth who has a lot of prejudices towards Mr. Darcy feels guilty after she finds out the reasons of every action that Mr. Darcy takes. She listens to others but not Mr. Darcy. If she gets to know to Mr. Darcy first, without making a judgement, maybe the prejudices will not arise. 

Luckily, everything is resolved through explanation by both partners. Hmm.. Elizabeth Bennet, you are such a lucky lady.

Dear blog


Hey blog,

I need to write. I love you. I want to turn you into a personal space since there are only few who read you. Glad that it happened! Talk to you later.