Kellie's Castle


Ain said that the place is haunted, so she did not want to join us to explore the place. Ergo, Sue, Aswa and I explored the place and left Ain behind. The moment I step in the compound, I was awestruck. The castle is beautiful but it is a pity that the construction was not completed.

We explored the historical place from one floor to another. Although, the info stated there also proved that the place is haunted but luckily we did not see any weird things.

On that day, I wore a dress while Sue and Aswa wore baju kurung. It became an impromptu photoshoot. I twirled around and with the help of the breeze, the pictures turned out to be nice and it was my first time to get over hundred likes on Facebook.

I did get an idea to write a children book from my visit to the castle but to start writing is not an easy thing to do. Haish.

My POV about Studying


I have this one weird habit which is I find it is uncomfortable to study in front of people who is not close to me. Maybe, this is because I don't want them to get on the nerve to study. I do sound evil that way.

Before this, I used to brag if I got good result although I did not study much but as growing up, the satisfaction is much better if I study really hard. It is like you earned it after you tried your best.

I want to try harder for next semester. Let us pray that Allah will make us become stronger.

Don't pray for you life to get easier, pray for yourself to be stronger.
You are not studying hard enough if you do not feel tired of it
Less eating, less talking and less sleep 

Marrying yourself


If you want to get married, please think of marrying yourself first. 

Think of the way you behave, will you accept someone that behave like you? For example, over sensitive over petty little things.

Think of the way you devote yourself towards god. For example, if you are the type that barely read al-Quran, will you marry yourself?

Think of the way you carry yourself around the opposite gender. If you are the one that are doing the flirting job every time, will you marry someone who has flirting as his/her hobby?

Think of how you act towards your parents. If you still quarrel with your parents, will you marry someone who will show no respect towards your parents?

I'm so not ready.

p/s: This post is due to the novel that I just finished

Sungguh Aku Jatuh Hati


It' February people! It means, my semester break is going to the end. Last month, I was forcing myself to write more and I'm going to force myself too this month. 

I read a Malay novel, "Sungguh Aku Jatuh Hati" and I should review the novel in Bahasa Malaysia but since I've started this entry in English, my fingers are too lazy to hit the backspace button. Haha

The novel is about a woman. The writer does not describe how her appearance is but the writer does describe the male characters that associate with the main character. All of them are handsome! So, it makes me wonder, this woman must be pretty because there are three guys who are crazy for her.

A, is a guy who has got married but is determined to do everything in order to marry her including raping, spreading rumors and other things which downgrade the woman.

Another one is B, a guy who believes in what the first guy tells him. He believes that the woman has seduced the man including sleep and whatsoever. After the truth is revealed, the woman cannot accept the guy and the guy becomes mad.

Third is C, a guy who has been waiting for the woman for about five years and he does stalks her including asking his friends to take pictures of the woman, following her back home and watching the woman's house every night.

So, it happens that A is the guy that the woman had a puppy love when she was a teenager. She decides to put an end of their relationship after knowing the fact that the guy got married. She starts regretting her puppy love because it is not following what Allah has said.

B approaches the woman in a good way. He tells his intention that he wants to get married to the woman and he asks the woman to do istikharah prayer (a prayer where you ask for guidance from Allah). When the woman starts to develop feelings towards B, B changes. A bad-mouths the woman and B believes it without any hesitation. So, the woman loses her trust towards B. In fact, B's behaviour proves what her dream is all about, since in her dream B goes away from her.

C is actually, the woman's boss. He acts superior and always throws tantrums. The woman dislikes C but C is the man that always be there and helps her. The woman always keeps distance from C since C is someone's fiancee. In a random conversation where the woman is in misery, she proposes C to marry her but C politely declines it. So, she starts to avoid C but since C is her boss so it seems impossible.

So, who will be the man for the woman?

You have to read it on your own. This novel is good, since there is no class difference. No bourgeoisie or proletariat is portrayed. It makes me to put my trust in Allah. It makes me want to be a good woman, makes myself ready and do not involve in any romance before marriage.

Because, the sweetness will go away faster, if you had enjoy it before you get married.