Read More to Write More


I need to write something that will give impact to the reader. Something that can influence people. I need to attract people in joining me doing what I love. The thing is, I am not good in influencing. As a future English teacher, I am in a critical state since my writing is worse compared to the school kids. I found a blog that is written by a ten years old kid with a good English proficiency and he is not a native speaker!

Sara Sabri suggested me to read more so that I can write more!

Rummaging the articles and books! BYE!

Mr. Darcy


It comes to me everytime I see his name, who is this guy? Mr. Darcy, who are you? Why I always see your name on the bookshelves? Me and Mr. Darcy, Rindu Kamu Mr. Darcy and a few other novels.

One day, I decided to watch a movie named, Pride and Prejudice. The Matthew Macfadyen version. I was on a movie marathon. If I was not mistaken I watched four movies on that particular evening and one of them was Pride and Prejudice.

I know it is based on a novel written by Jane Austen. I even have some of her works in my collection but I never finish any of it. Shame on me. I read Pride and Prejudice when I was in fourth former and that was on my first day in my new school but I surrendered after about twenty pages or maybe less.

So, I can say that I watch the movie without expecting much because the novel bored me but I was wrong! I happen to fall in love with Mr. Darcy. If you are new here, I always fall in love with fictional character. Huh... When will I grow up and get real?

The phenomenon where you might fall in love with the person that you hate was spread by Jane Austen through Mr. Darcy long ago. Elizabeth Bennet is pissed of with Mr. Darcy as he acts snobbish during the first ball that they happen to attend together. Mr. Darcy insults Elizabeth without his knowledge since Mr. Darcy is a gentleman from a bourgeoisie class family, it is normal for a man like him to appear a bit snobbish. 

So, we can see where the trend comes from, aren't we?

I like the quote from Jane Austen, "Do not be in a hurry, the right man will come at last." Although the right man is a pain in the ass but he is your pain in the ass.

I am forcing myself to write more since I have been abandoning this skill for quite sometime.

Something Borrowed


I have to say that I like the novel version compared to the movie. Why?

  1. Rachel is described as a less attractive or maybe she think she is but for me Ginnifer Goodwin is the definition of beautiful. The character that she portrays is a woman that is good from inside and out unless if you wanna say sleeping with your bestfriend's fiancee is really bad but, her bestfriend is a bitch! So, who cares.
  2. In the movie, Rachel has more friends compared to the novel. I love to see their friendship. For example, how Ethan helps Rachel to realize that Darcy has been a bitch since forever. I wish to see Hillary taking her role in convincing Rachel what she does is the right thing but sadly, they doesn't bring Hillary's character out to the screen! 
  3. I never imagine Ethan is like that. The movie kills my imagination because I imagine Ethan as a sweet guy.
  4. In the movie, Dex is a great looking guy, but he is a bit more asshole compared to the novel version. By the way I still like Dex in both novel and movie because the ending is just nicely done. In a simpler way to say it, it's sweet.
  5. There is not much emphasize on how Rachel hates her job compared to what Emily Griffin describes in her novel. When I read about it, it comes to me, what if I hate my job someday later? It bugs me since I know I am indecisive. Will I face the same problem? I hope not.

I can say that I love the novel, so my 5MYR is well spent. This novel and movie somehow make me scared if I fall in love with my bestfriend because everything will be different and there will be so much conflict! How I wish I don't have a male bestfriend. Can I redo it?

By the way, I love this song!



250 gram tepung naik sendiri (Nak senang beli yang jenama Blue Key tu)
Secubit garam
50 gram mentega (Pastikan sejuk, bila nak guna baru keluarkan dari peti sejuk)
30 gram gula kastor
Sebiji telur
Susu segar (Secukupnya supaya apabila dicampur dengan telur, campuran akan menjadi 140 ml)

  1. Campurkan tepung, garam dan gula.
  2. Potong mentega kepada kiub-kiub kecil.
  3. Masukkan mentega kedalam campuran tadi.
  4. Ramaskan sehingga adunan menjadi peroi (crumble)
  5. Pukul telur dan kemudian campurkan dengan susu sehingga mencapai 140 ml.
  6. Masukkan campuran telur dan susu ke dalam adunan tepung dan mentega tadi. (Masukkan sedikit demi sedikit, sehingga adunan sebati dan tidak melekat pada tangan. Tidak perlu habiskan campuran telur dan susu tersebut)
  7. Simpan adunan di dalam peti sejuk selama 30 minit
  8. Selepas adunan dikeluarkan dari peti sejuk, bentukkan adunan mengikut kreativiti masing-masing
  9. Saya pilih untuk membuat seperti bentuk macaroon selebar 1.5 inci
  10. Biarkan scones selama 10 minit
  11. Panaskan oven pada suhu 180 darjah selsius
  12. Sapukan lebihan susu dan telur tadi keatas permukaan scones yang telah dibentuk
  13. Bakar pada suhu 180 darjah selsius selama 15 hingga 20 minit

Oreo Cheesecake


Resipi ni sebenarnya ambil kat internet juga tapi telah diubahsuai sebab yang kat internet tu oreo-oreo tu seketul-seketul kat atas tapi yang aku buat ni buat oreo sebagai base macam kat secret recipe tu.

5 keping keju (baca: cheese)
200 ml susu segar
70 gram mentega
80 gram gula halus/gula kastor
4 biji telur (Asingkan kuning telur dan putih telur)
70 gram tepung gandum (Ayak)
1 sudu kecil perahan lemon/ limau nipis
Satu pek oreo tanpa krim (Cari kat kedai baking, mesti ada)

  1. Carik-carikkan kepingan keju kemudian didihkan di atas api bersama susu. (Perlu dikacau sentiasa)
  2. Selepas keju dan susu sebati, masukkan mentega dan kacau sehingga sebati kemudian tutup api dan biarkan campuran itu sejuk.
  3. Asingkan putih telur dan pukul sehingga bertanduk (meringue). Kemudian masukkan gula dan pukul sehingga hancur. Ketepikan.
  4. Pukul sedikit kuning telur dan campur dengan adunan yang telah dididih tadi (Pastikan adunan itu sejuk dahulu).
  5. Satukan adunan didih tadi dengan putih telur yang telah dipukul tadi. Seterusnya masukkan tepung gandum dan perahan lemon. Gaul secara kaup balik sehingga sebati.
  6. Bagi mendapatkan oreo base yang mampat, gaulkan oreo bersama mentega (sukatan bergantung kepada jumlah oreo yang digunakan) yang telah dicairkan  (dipanaskan).
  7. Sapukan sedikit mentega pada permukaan loyang yang telah dialas.
  8. Ratakan oreo base sehingga mampat. Kemudian, menggunakan garfu buat beberapa garis pada permukaan oreo base. (Ini untuk mengelakkan lapisan keju dan oreo terpisah selepas kek dipotong)
  9. Tuang adunan ke atas oreo base.
  10. Bakar adunan secara bain marie, dimana kek dibakar di atas api dan air. Letakkan loyang berisi air di dalam ketuhar kemudian letakkan mana-mana bahan pengalas yang dapat meninggikan loyang yang mengandungi adunan kek supaya tidak mengenai air. 
  11. Bakar pada suhu 170 darjah selsius selama 20 minit. Kemudian turunkan suhu kepada 140 darjah selsius dan bakar selama 40 minit.

Bain Marie

An oath


I am inspired. Enough said.

Cukup Syarat


Nak cukup syarat post entri pada 1 Januari

It's 2014 and I just survived three killer papers yesterday and the day before yesterday. Since the next paper is on this coming Saturday, so I am in the mood to study nothing. 

I have to admit that, I am one of the attention seekers. The bliss of getting attention is priceless but I know it is not a good thing and I am working on to reduce the attention whore trait in me.

Let me, keep my problems inside, Cheers!

Don't let them in, don't let them see Be the good girl you always have to be Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know