Baking Project!


I forgot to announce that, I'm home!! Yeah baby! I'm home!

I am supposed to study at home since this week is not a semester break, it is a study week, but my mum only have the chance to bake when I am around. The reasons are since she has a partner to eat more and she can just ask me to bake under her supervision. Less trouble for her.

I made Mexico bun last Sunday, nova cake on Tuesday and nova cake again yesterday. My brother is a fan of nova cake and no one bothers to make it for him except for me. Below are the garlic bread and Mexico bun that my mum made yesterday. My part was only the coffee layer on the Mexico bun. Eheh! I was occupied with TheSims3 yesterday morning. 

The Most Random Event of 2013


The most random thing that happened to me in year 2013 was, stranded in a barber shop with a group of foreigners at late night.

Can't you imagine that?

It was almost 11pm, and suddenly the one of the tires of the van that we rode burst. Most of us were sleeping at that time. We were on our way from Pahang to Terengganu. Luckily, we stopped exactly in front of a barber shop that was still opened.

While the driver tried to find a way to fix the problem, we were hanging out in the barber shop and one of us got a hair cut. Oh my!

But, the picture that I love the most for 2013 is,



Sometime I can be cheesy. A friend of mine ask what should he do for her girlfriend and I came out with a few suggestions that I never thought of or maybe my unconscious mind wants it. So dear boy who wants to impress your girl (I prefer a husband who wants to impress her wife: I support halal relationship!), some tips for you:

  1. If you are busy, make her feel special with your attention. The easiest way is, "Hey, I'm busy but can we have a quick chat for a minute or two."
  2. The context now is, "If you are a busy man" since my friend is a busy man. If you cannot celebrate something special with her, send her some food (because I love food) for example chocolates or a pint of ice cream and a cd of favourite songs that you both share with a note, "Hi there, I can't be there to celebrate but please have this chocolate and listen to the songs while thinking of me."
  3. Please make sure that she always aware that you know her exist. That's all. Basic.

I'm on a break which supposed to be a study week, so you might see I update the blog more often. Cheeerrioo!



I hope with the changes made by me, I will no longer hope for views, likes and whatsoever. I will write because I want to write. I will stop impressing people because it is such a hard job. 

I write what I want, and I will publish less photo of me, since I feel the urge to make myself more exclusive.