I went to a camp last week. It's normal to get to know to new people including the people from the same university. So there was this one guy from sport science course. He asked me, "Does TESL student always dress up like this?"

I was aware that I wasn't dress up at all.

The thing that made him asked that question was, this one cloth on my head which was pashmina. That was one situation. The second situation was, when I was in English Language 4 class. In this class we mix with people from other faculties. 

I was concentrating on my work book but I heard someone was calling a person with name Yuna. "Yuna! Yuna!"

I ignored them since it wasn't me but then I looked at my lecturer.  She told me that the guy behind me was calling me. I turned my back. He just wanted to pass the attendance list. That's not my main concern but people tend to label me fashionable since I always wear pashmina.

They don't know that this girl who loves to don pashmina is the laziest person alive!

Pashmina is the easiest head cover to be worn. Why?

  1. You don't have to iron it.
  2. You can reuse it for more than two times in a week but I usually wash mine after a single use.
  3. You need less than 2 minutes to complete your look.


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