Random thought: Strangers


These pictures were taken two years ago. The day before the last paper of PASUM. We "studied" English at Mc Donald since the last paper of PASUM was English 2. Glad that the authorities decided to have English as the last paper because right after all of the science subjects paper ended, we hung out.

Randomly, I posted this photo since it has been a week since my last post. I cannot abandon you dear blog, you have been with me since I was 14 years old. I'm growing up with you. From the very basic English entry and till now, I'm sure I have improved a lot.

One of the reason why I blog was because I wanted to improve my English proficiency especially the writing part since right now I seldomly write an essay and I can see the impact when I'm doing my assignments. Among the four skills that are always tested which are Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing, writing is the worst skill that I can handle.

Although there are less people reading my blog nowadays, (since I don't do the automatic synchronization post on my Facebook anymore) but I still love you dear blog. Why I did that? Because I find out that there are too many strangers on my Facebook. I'm okay if strangers who are bloggers or someone who loves to blogwalking come from anywhere to read my blog but if you are on my friend list and you are strangers in real life, I am  a bit uncomfortable with that.


Because, I hate being judged.

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