Bilingual, Trilingual or Multilingual?


It was a jaw dropping moment when I saw this video. It hits me when this boy can speak 20 languages while I'm struggling in balancing my two languages. Besides, being surrounded by multi-linguals is depressing too. It does motivate me but somehow at the same time it does demotivate me.

Vivien, a multilingual who speak English, Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien, Iban, Limbawang and a few more languages which I forgot but the last time I checked she can speak 8 different languages.

Vishin, an Indian boy who master Tamil, English, Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Nita, a Malay girl who can teach Mandarin besides her good proficiency in Malay and English.

Rinna, an Indian girl who is a bit different. She speaks English most of the time and she can speak Malay with clear pronunciation. She is also good in Mandarin but she doesn't speak Tamil much.

Chuin, although she does speak English all the time but she will surprise you with her ability to write in Malay. Since she is a Chinese, she does speak Hokkien and Mandarin too.

and the list of multi-lingual friends goes on. 

When my friends acquire more than two languages, my lecturer is still correcting my pronunciation and I always discover my intolerable bad grammatical errors. Sometime, I feel like I don't want to tweet at all since I always spot grammatical errors in my tweets. It does bug me, why my grammar is sucks nowadays?

Is it because of lacks of reading?
Is it because less movie marathon?
Is it because of too much exposure towards Manglish?

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