Normal Protocol


Somehow, I just don't like how Meleis conduct an event. Why?

1. The most annoying part is, when we have to wait for two hours before the event starts. Hello if you say it is 7, I will be there at 6.50!

2. The emcee will worship everyone on the stage. Can you just say "Hello! Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen"? But, I'm okay with those figurative languages, pantun, poems and etc. No offense.

3. The speaker will recite the du'a when he starts speaking.  I guess, reciting du'a by yourself is better. You feel much more closer to Allah by that. Can you feel closer to Allah when you are reciting du'a by looking at people who are sitting in front of you?

4. Why the speaker speaks more than 20 minutes when the usual concentration span is just 20 minutes? Can't you just make it sexy and simple?

5. Why the speaker gets big gift? Haha. Ini nak cukupkan lima je.

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