Food Review: Bubba Gump Shrimp


I went there with two of my friends. So, three of us went there with hungry tummies. Everything looked delicious, that was the side effect of being hungry. It was not easy to order since, there were various choices of food and one more thing the food portion was big and the platters were suitable for sharing purpose.

I happened to favour Fish and Chips these days so I chose Captain Fish and Chips. It seemed that my choice was worth it. Why? They didn't use the processed fish fillet as what the others restaurants usually do. Although the fish was quite dry but they really mashed the fish and it was fresh! The tartar sauce was nice and suit my taste. Besides, the chips were not the processed chips too, they really made them by themselves.


Vivien ordered Bourbon Skewers. I like the mashed potato, the taste was quite different but it tasted good. The sauce is sweet, Vivien didn't like it but I liked it. Different people with different taste. I just tasted some of it, since I was full because Vivien's platter came a bit late.


While Chuin chose Chicken Quesadila. The taste was marvellous! Somehow the bread was crispy too. The vegetables was like something that we eat with Nasi Mandiy. I don't know how to describe it, but I love the veggies! The sour cream added some more taste to the Quesadila.


The environment was nice, even the waiters and waitress were also friendly. There was this one incident where I wanted to use the sanitizer but then it ran out. So I asked one of them, "Is it finish?"

The waiter came and checked, then he asked the waiter who supposed to re-fill it, but in a good way. He didn't say, "Why you didn't re-fill these?" but in a cheerful way which showed that the working environment there is nice.

Have a nice day!

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