Facebook Friends


Dear Facebook Friends,

I think there are lots of you that I don't know in person. We might be acquaintances or maybe  real strangers that we have never met before, just saying hi or have the same thought on a particular thing, or some familiar faces from camps, or maybe we always bump to each other but never talk. 

I didn't know what have made me to approve you? Maybe you have some quality that attract me or some special power that make me want to stalk you. I remind you, I am a professional stalker.

I didn't approve strangers, unless we have more than hundreds mutual friends, you went to the same school with me (this is not applied to university and college) or you have the quality or super power and sometime although you have all of these criteria I still didn't approve you. It depends on my mood. I just don't want my Facebook friends to exceed one thousand. I need to save some space for my future students because from my own experience, Facebook is the easiest way to contact my teachers.

So, this is a special post for you dear Facebook friends:

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Advanced Birthday!

A card found in Typo

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