Electric Bicycle


I hold the handle and then asked "How should I drive this?"

"Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?"

"I guess, I know."

"So, it's okay, just treat it like a bike."

I moved forward.

"Wait! Don't pedal it. You press it!"

"Press what?" Actually, I had no idea how to drive a motorcycle and I even don't have the license. Suddenly, I found the way to start it, it was by pressing the accelerator. Noob gila.

"Oooo!! Cool!!"

The bicycle was awesome! I didn't have to pedal the bicycle what I needed was to press the accelerator.

The bicycle is owned by my colleague. I've told you that I did a part time job before this. Last few weeks, during a long gap between papers, my friends and I went to his house. We were fooling around, and met his family. What a cool and harmonious family! His parents are nice and his siblings were awesome. I called his brother Nunu because he is cute and Uncle and Auntie are friendly too.

What even cooler is, he let me to try TheSims3 Deluxe! You know, I have problem in resisting TheSims.

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