Memori Pokok Pauh


Sebab Keek atau Instagram punya video tak panjang, saya lebih suka muat naik di YouTube. Jadi ini video terbaru! Okay macam vlogger pulak.

Sugar Daddy


I got this one precious opportunity to attend a camp where I could show who am I, just to attract the attention of a sugar daddy. I decide to not tell you what kind of camp was that because this is supposed to be a secret.

There was a talent show where every participants had to show their talents and again I will not tell you what I had done because it is a secret.

Everyone is good! Damn good! Well, we were selected from hundreds of applicants and there were 61 of us and then only 10 lucky persons will be selected. What a tough competition.

I don't think I was sexy enough to get his attention. In the end I started to lose hope and just wanted to enjoy the luxurious accommodation and good food.

We were trapped in a building for about three days. Air-conditioned rooms with little heat and a bit sunlight. I could see people through my windows but sadly they couldn't see me. I could see they were enjoying themselves while I was trapped in a concrete space. Well.... I believe you need to sacrifice a bit for a better life.

I did learn how to cook, arrange, build and the weirdest thing happened was, I went to a speed dating. I dated 7 people in 20 minutes. Whooshh!

What I've learned from the camp:

1. How to deal with praises.
Just say thank you. You don't have to say, anything else. For example, when someone says "Nice dress."

Answer him with "Thank you."

No need to say, "I bought this at bla bla bla at a very cheaaaaaap price." "Oooo.. This is not mine. My mother gave me this." No bullshit! Just say thanks.

2. The definition of punctuality
If I want you to be in that venue at 2.30pm, it doesn't mean you should arrive there at 2.30pm. 10 minutes early is nice enough. By the way, I find it is hard to tolerate with late comers. I'm sorry, that is me.

3. Don't fake yourself
Act like you normally behave. It shows when you fake.

4. Don't devaluate yourself
You should familiarize yourself with the presence of gentlemen. Let them offer the seats and everything. Women should not feel inferior. Voice out everything but politely.

5. Quality driven
Keep improving yourself. Optimize every chance that you have, or not you will miss it.

Men and balls


"As men get older, their ball are getting smaller"

I was like. Huh? Seriously Dr. Mahendran?

"What are you thinking?"


"You see. Men play football at young age or maybe basketball and then they go bowling. After that, they choose tennis and next stage they play golf before table tennis."

"Oooooo..." In chorus, we said that.

Hi gentlemen out there!

A wallflower


"It's strange because sometimes, I read a book, and I think I am the people in the book."
Stephen Chobsky - The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Being a wallflower, you see things but you keep it silent and then you understand. Sometime, I do feel like I am a wallflower, I know something but I don't voice it out and sadly then I lose the chance.

It is depressing.

I do think that I am an outspoken person but I do realize that I always keep something to myself because I don't know how to speak it out loud.

Sometime, I don't even know who am I. I get depressed, my self esteem decelerates, I think I am worthless, I am demotivated and when I read the book, I do feel Charlie.

Electric Bicycle


I hold the handle and then asked "How should I drive this?"

"Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?"

"I guess, I know."

"So, it's okay, just treat it like a bike."

I moved forward.

"Wait! Don't pedal it. You press it!"

"Press what?" Actually, I had no idea how to drive a motorcycle and I even don't have the license. Suddenly, I found the way to start it, it was by pressing the accelerator. Noob gila.

"Oooo!! Cool!!"

The bicycle was awesome! I didn't have to pedal the bicycle what I needed was to press the accelerator.

The bicycle is owned by my colleague. I've told you that I did a part time job before this. Last few weeks, during a long gap between papers, my friends and I went to his house. We were fooling around, and met his family. What a cool and harmonious family! His parents are nice and his siblings were awesome. I called his brother Nunu because he is cute and Uncle and Auntie are friendly too.

What even cooler is, he let me to try TheSims3 Deluxe! You know, I have problem in resisting TheSims.

I'm here!


Fina is back!

She is ready to start blogging again. Well, she got her laptop back and she is on her long semester break. She has a lot to tell but it depends on how the ideas will flow. She hopes she will not suffer the writer's block because she needs to start a new story line.

She is ready to write and she hopes there are lots of people out there who are ready to read.

Fina thinks this picture is cute, as she decides to hide.

Jogging Route


I go jogging when I have the opportunity. That is when I don't have 5 pm class  and when it is not raining. Since semester break will be saying hi soon and I'm sure I will not go jogging when I'm at home as it is not safe to jog there. So, I just wanna share you what I see every time I go jogging here.



I am in the midst of exam and for the first time I don't ramble much here but, I ramble a lot in other social networks which is I think might cause people to get annoyed of me.

I update a status almost every single day which is not me because before this I didn't update my Facebook status for about a month.

I tweet a lot after a long hiatus.

I upload at least three pictures per day on Instagram which I barely did before.

Dear blog, you are important to me as you are the only source where I channel  a bit of my depression moment but since I am laptop-less I can't. Sorry love.

The weirdest thing happen today, I forgot that I have four more papers.