I just took a look at the unofficial timetable of semester 2. This is terrible for me. I am such a morning person and my brain is active the most at morning.

1. Monday, why the gap is so big? and when can I perform my Asar prayer?

2. The only class on Tuesday is at 12pm. Kalau awal pagi, boleh juga nak keluar berjimba lepas habis kelas.

3. Wednesday, this is the worst and again when can I perform my Asar prayer?

4. Another class end at 7pm is on Thursday. 

5. The only class on Friday is at 5pm til 7pm. Wegure???

6. I don't mind to wake up early for 8am class, but to have four days of classes end at 7pm is really a big problem! I just hate rushing back to perform my Maghrib prayer. Beside, bila nak jogging?

7. I still got class on SATURDAY!!! Habis la weekend.

8. I got no day off except Sunday.

9. STRESS. I need to find a solution.

10. Nak cukupkan sepuluh

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