Love Hate


I had been abandoning the social network, which I think a good improvement since I had wished to disciplined myself long ago.

A week of class just passed, and I can still cope with the schedule and I didn't doze off yet. I love my Literature lecturer accent. Her accent is somehow does sound like Australian one but it's clear, crispy clear.

I wanna share something that caught my attention. This was during my English Language 3 class. My classmate do mention about she has a love-hate relationship with English and the lecturer did mention about her problem too.

One night, her cousin called her, "Sis, I have a problem. He said 'I love you but he I am not in love with you.' Can you explain this, sis?"

and then, bla bla bla. I don't want to continue the story.

What caught my attention was, the phrase, "I love you but I'm not in love with you." Can you see it? English is lack with vocabulary. In Bahasa Malaysia, we can just explained it easily, "Saya sayang awak, tapi saya tidak cinta awak."

I read about this in the novel Cintaku Luruh di Oxford. The definition of love in Bahasa Melayu is wide,  for example: kasih, sayang, cinta, suka.

This week was exciting, we got two international student in our class. Both of them from Korea!! Annyeong hassayo!!! Aisyah who knows Hangul managed to converse with them but what surprised us was that one of them is majoring in Bahasa Melayu. Oh God! A Korean guy speaks Bahasa Melayu. What a turn on and they are quite good in dressing up. Although the guy just wore a a short blue jeans, a dark blue t-shirt and a cap and a pair of slippers. While the girl has a very beautiful skin that everyone wishes for, nice body, and dresses nicely everyday.

So today, I don't have class. I should have one but I managed to do some re-arrangement. So this is the first week of semester 2!

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