10 points for today


1. I had been abandoning the social network for few days. I did log in but it seemed like, nothing caught my interest.

2. I accidentally finished two novels. I suppose to read them when the new semester has started but they were the novels that I had been searching for since last two years. 

3. I also did watch Running Man during this semester break Currently on the 69th episode. I just started watching them during this break. Thanks to peer pressure. Some Korean Jargon had stuck in my mind already. Bianata.

4. I've been thinking to start a new blog. The concept is my diary, and this particular blog is more toward something that will give benefit to people. 

5. I want to write a novel. That is the least I can do in delivering knowledge in a casual way. I don't read non-fiction, so how come I can write a non-fiction book?

6. Dee Dhuha or Dhuha Ashraf was my experiment and I think that kind of story is abundant out there. So, I'm not going to publish it. The story is a bit cheesy. 

7. It is raining out there.

8. I want a cup of hot chocolate.

9. My weight increased

10. Seperti biasa, nak cukupkan sepuluh.

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