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Ika asked me a question!!! Excited tak? hehehe. Thanks Ika. The question is, how is it the life of a TESL student?

What can I say is, it is a lot more relaxing compare to PASUM. 

(Okay, kehidupan PASUM lebih untuk menyediakan pelajar-pelajarnya untuk jadi doktor, sebab kelas daripada pukul 8pagi sampai 5petang hari-hari.)

I don't know how to explain this precisely but I'll try by describing my timetable during Semester 1.

I know it is cute.

I'll queue for the bus from 7.15am (The first few months, I started waiting for the bus from 6.45am). After reaching the campus, I sit in the classroom and read a novel. It is kind of boring to wait for the lecturer and because I am a good girl, I will feel guilty if I reach the class later than the lecturer, so I decide to be in the class at least 15 minutes before the class starts.

Class ends at 9am, I head to the library, have some breakfast (usually it is Nasi Lemak) and then enter the library. I am the member of Kelab Pustaka, a club for the bookworms (I know it does sound nerdy, but I am) so I have to do shelving. Shelving is the task that each of the members have to conduct for a period of two hours every week. Shelving tu susun buku la.

Usually I finish it around 11.30am to 12am, then I go wandering around or sit at the novel section to peep for some interesting novels or I choose to read the newspapers. Then, go grab some lunch before performing Zuhur prayer and rush towards the classroom for Grammar Class at 2pm.

Usually for two hours of Grammar class will only take an hour, and for an hour class, it just about 20 minutes. So, the class ends at 3pm, the next class is at 4pm. I hang around, chit chat with friends and then head to another classroom which takes about 5 minutes (if I walk in a fast pace).

Class ends at 5pm. I buy my dinner before getting in the bus, and reach my college around 6pm. It takes about 20 minutes from the campus to my college. My energy has drenched out, and I fall asleep straight away after performing Isya' prayer.

Class starts at 8am everyday. For Tuesday, I buy my breakfast first in front of the campus because the earliest class of the day will take about three hours and the lecturer allow us to eat in the class. Class ends at 11am. I have an hour gap, so this is the time to handle anything official which I need to consult the office but this is rarely happen. 

The class ends at 12pm, it is either I choose to stay at the library or go back to the college. What I do when I don't have class? Lepak!

Okay tipu.

There is no suitable place for loitering around, no shopping, no bowling alley and no cinema. Fuhh! At least my money doesn't go to that kind of things that much.

If I go to the library, I will do my assignment, if I go back to the hostel I will sleep or watching some soap opera. The choice is on me, if I am in the mood to finish all the assignment in that current week, I will stay at the library.

We get lots of assignment, especially for the grammar subject. 

It is about the same as Tuesday

The single period was squeezed into the one hour gap on Wednesday. So I am free for the whole day!!! Usually Thursday is the day when I go out, what I mean by going out is, going to KL or the nearest is Rawang. Well, it is depends on my current savings account but sincerely I don't go out much compare to PASUM's days.

Class ends at 10am. Go back to the college or stay at the library. Now you can see, how bored it is......

Weekend!!!! NO! It is not yet. I will go for a free tanning treatment at 12pm till 2pm on every Saturday. We got OLAHRAGA on sunny day or we just went through a lecture on rainy day.

The only entertainment that we have in this pekan is Pasar Malam on Saturday evening. This is the time for food hunting which is nothing except than the great Ayam Uncle Bob and the lazy me will just ordered any volunteers to buy me food.

Sleeping, watching dramas or movies or reading novel. Seriously, I can finish two novels in a day.

The Lifestyle.

Being in a university full of future teachers do make me feel like I really am a future teacher.

Dress Etiquette 
We have to wear formal attire or at least semi-formal. Depends on the lecturers too. There are lecturers who are particular about our dressing. 

You will not spot any women wearing short pants or short skirts in this campus unless you go into their rooms.

Tak boleh cuci mata
Jarang ditemui jejaka hensem di sini ataupun mungkin aku tak perasan.

Dull pick up line
"Boleh tolong translate tak?"
"Boleh ajar General English tak?"
"Ni mesti pandai speaking."

Duhh. Lame. You guys are lame.

Bad Transportation
It's hard to go out from here. It's hard to get cab here, if you are planning a last minute getaway it will be such a big problem. You need to call for a rental car service, you have to wait for the car, you have to top up the petrol, and lots of problems. 

More time for reading
I have lots of time for reading!!!Which I don't get much before. Beside, reading novel is consider as studying too.

No guilty 
No guilty of watching movies. Watching movie is consider as studying and revising too, especially for Listening and Speaking subject. Kat PASUM dulu serba salah nak tengok cerita, tutorial banyak tak siap, tak boleh tengok movie.

1. Budak TESL semua "speaking" 24 jam. Takde la, dalam kelas je dan dengan sesetengah kumpulan je. Ramai je yang cakap melayu 24 jam lagi-lagi budak lelaki. Aku "speaking" ikut suka, rasa nak cakap, cakap tapi kalau dengan yang tak reti cakap melayu tu "speaking" la. Takkan nak cakap melayu dengan Mat Saleh, terkulat-kulat dia tak faham nanti.

2. Nak pandai English kena tiru British Accent takpun American Accent. SALAH! You need to speak in a standard English. Asalkan semua disebut dengan sebutan yang betul ikut International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) sudah la, tak payah nak cakap pakai hidung macam British, tak payah nak yo man! yo man! whassup! whassup!

3. Nak cukupkan tiga.

Setakat ini itu je idea yang dapat. Dah tak boleh nak tukar dalam English balik dah sebab nak sambung tengok drama Korea. Sambil-sambil tu, tengoklah kat bawah ni,

Source: 9GAG

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