Adventurous Ani


So, last week I went to Kuala Terengganu just to meet my friend Ani. Chilling out, while she was on her last day of her semester break, while my semester break had just started.

Most of my friends were not home yet, as other universities examination schedule were quite different from mine, because they started their examination a week later than me.

So, what to do in KT? I had absolutely no idea. Because, I didn't want to shop for any keropok lekor or baju kelawar. Terengganu doesn't offer you shopping heaven but exquisite nature, if you are a nature lover, come here. There are lots of fun to go through!

Because of the nearest town from my house, which is Kota Bahru, Kelantan has no A&W outlet at all, (they shut down all the outlets) so we went to A&W, because I was craving for the root beer float and waffle. The outlet here faces the Batu Burok Beach, and it is a cool place to hang out, as nobody is here. I don't know why people in Pantai Timur don't prefer A&W ?

 photo img003-11_zps6d23a101.jpg
Exactly, this place is most exposed to SONAMU.

 photo img009-9_zpsf1079420.jpg
The waffle that I craved for.

We were clueless, where to go huh? So, I suggested that we go to the Turtle Alley, near Kampung Cina, because last time when I went there, I didn't bring my camera, and the alley was quite cool. The pictures there were quite awesome. (I'm not an artistic person, so for me the pictures are beautiful enough for my eyes)

 photo 2013-01-18img2_zpse62e59cb.jpg

So in here, you will see a strip of pictures which tell you about a story of a girl who went to a Turtle Camp. Basically, they want to increase the awareness of extinction of the turtles because of people are stealing the eggs.

 photo 2013-01-18img3_zpsd65ded60.jpg
The pictures, there are story boards also.

 photo img132_zps0b91e24c.jpg

 photo img166_zps952609ad.jpg

 photo img169_zpsd134b42b.jpg

On the way to Ani's house, we were thinking, where should we go this evening? I texted Teacher Fauziah to check her whereabout because at first we wanted to go to her house but then she texted back and told us that she was still at school because the teachers were attending a meeting.

As usual, the crazy me suggested that, how about if we go to the school? The rest was history. We went to our old school. Lots of things had changed, especially the staff room's arrangement.

 photo 2013-01-18img_zps484d84cf.jpg

Mummy Nik (my class teacher), invited us to her new house. So we followed her back home. The last time I saw her children was when I was in fifth former, at that time Aisyah was two years old and Asyraf was just born! Now, look at them, they are growing up! I feel old. hahaha

 photo 2013-01-18img1_zps9004bc4c.jpg

Went to Daddy's house without informing him, and met Najah on our way there but Daddy was not at home. He was on a family vacation :(

 photo img099_zps1a788e5b.jpg
This is the driver, Ani.
Ani just got back from a vacation in Korea. She bought a hanbok, a Korean traditional costume. At that night, I wore the hanbok. The hanbok is really beautiful and loose, suitable to wear to a costume party, hehehe. Ani did also give me a souvenir, a chopstick made of steel which is hard to be found here.

 photo img051_zps5171612f.jpg

 photo img171_zps30be081b.jpg

The next morning, we went out to have a breakfast at Chendering, the Nasi Dagang that I love the most, but sadly the restaurant was closed on Friday. Why Mak Ngah? Why?? The restaurant is Mak Ngah Nasi Dagang, right before a white Mosque.

So, we went to bus station, to check on the ticket, and the ticket was on 12pm, we still have two hours. Another crazy idea popped up, we went visiting Shafiza at Unisza, Gong Badak Campus which took about 20 minutes from the bus station.

Adventurous Ani. hahaha 

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