Baking Project!


I forgot to announce that, I'm home!! Yeah baby! I'm home!

I am supposed to study at home since this week is not a semester break, it is a study week, but my mum only have the chance to bake when I am around. The reasons are since she has a partner to eat more and she can just ask me to bake under her supervision. Less trouble for her.

I made Mexico bun last Sunday, nova cake on Tuesday and nova cake again yesterday. My brother is a fan of nova cake and no one bothers to make it for him except for me. Below are the garlic bread and Mexico bun that my mum made yesterday. My part was only the coffee layer on the Mexico bun. Eheh! I was occupied with TheSims3 yesterday morning. 

The Most Random Event of 2013


The most random thing that happened to me in year 2013 was, stranded in a barber shop with a group of foreigners at late night.

Can't you imagine that?

It was almost 11pm, and suddenly the one of the tires of the van that we rode burst. Most of us were sleeping at that time. We were on our way from Pahang to Terengganu. Luckily, we stopped exactly in front of a barber shop that was still opened.

While the driver tried to find a way to fix the problem, we were hanging out in the barber shop and one of us got a hair cut. Oh my!

But, the picture that I love the most for 2013 is,



Sometime I can be cheesy. A friend of mine ask what should he do for her girlfriend and I came out with a few suggestions that I never thought of or maybe my unconscious mind wants it. So dear boy who wants to impress your girl (I prefer a husband who wants to impress her wife: I support halal relationship!), some tips for you:

  1. If you are busy, make her feel special with your attention. The easiest way is, "Hey, I'm busy but can we have a quick chat for a minute or two."
  2. The context now is, "If you are a busy man" since my friend is a busy man. If you cannot celebrate something special with her, send her some food (because I love food) for example chocolates or a pint of ice cream and a cd of favourite songs that you both share with a note, "Hi there, I can't be there to celebrate but please have this chocolate and listen to the songs while thinking of me."
  3. Please make sure that she always aware that you know her exist. That's all. Basic.

I'm on a break which supposed to be a study week, so you might see I update the blog more often. Cheeerrioo!



I hope with the changes made by me, I will no longer hope for views, likes and whatsoever. I will write because I want to write. I will stop impressing people because it is such a hard job. 

I write what I want, and I will publish less photo of me, since I feel the urge to make myself more exclusive. 

Bilingual, Trilingual or Multilingual?


It was a jaw dropping moment when I saw this video. It hits me when this boy can speak 20 languages while I'm struggling in balancing my two languages. Besides, being surrounded by multi-linguals is depressing too. It does motivate me but somehow at the same time it does demotivate me.

Vivien, a multilingual who speak English, Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien, Iban, Limbawang and a few more languages which I forgot but the last time I checked she can speak 8 different languages.

Vishin, an Indian boy who master Tamil, English, Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Nita, a Malay girl who can teach Mandarin besides her good proficiency in Malay and English.

Rinna, an Indian girl who is a bit different. She speaks English most of the time and she can speak Malay with clear pronunciation. She is also good in Mandarin but she doesn't speak Tamil much.

Chuin, although she does speak English all the time but she will surprise you with her ability to write in Malay. Since she is a Chinese, she does speak Hokkien and Mandarin too.

and the list of multi-lingual friends goes on. 

When my friends acquire more than two languages, my lecturer is still correcting my pronunciation and I always discover my intolerable bad grammatical errors. Sometime, I feel like I don't want to tweet at all since I always spot grammatical errors in my tweets. It does bug me, why my grammar is sucks nowadays?

Is it because of lacks of reading?
Is it because less movie marathon?
Is it because of too much exposure towards Manglish?



I went to a camp last week. It's normal to get to know to new people including the people from the same university. So there was this one guy from sport science course. He asked me, "Does TESL student always dress up like this?"

I was aware that I wasn't dress up at all.

The thing that made him asked that question was, this one cloth on my head which was pashmina. That was one situation. The second situation was, when I was in English Language 4 class. In this class we mix with people from other faculties. 

I was concentrating on my work book but I heard someone was calling a person with name Yuna. "Yuna! Yuna!"

I ignored them since it wasn't me but then I looked at my lecturer.  She told me that the guy behind me was calling me. I turned my back. He just wanted to pass the attendance list. That's not my main concern but people tend to label me fashionable since I always wear pashmina.

They don't know that this girl who loves to don pashmina is the laziest person alive!

Pashmina is the easiest head cover to be worn. Why?

  1. You don't have to iron it.
  2. You can reuse it for more than two times in a week but I usually wash mine after a single use.
  3. You need less than 2 minutes to complete your look.


Guidelines Towards Signs


Eheh! These are not originally from me, since you know, I never involved with guys. Actually, I watched a movie this evening, the title was He's Is Just Not That Into You. It was a good movie since it somehow "educated" me to not easily get swooned by guys. Sincerely, I am the type that can get attached easily. My bad.


Since I learnt the lessons, I will be more careful. So girls! We are actually were programmed wrongly. We believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk that means he likes you. This is totally not true! If he acts jerk, then he is a jerk. Period.

  1. If a guy is giving you his phone number instead of taking yours, he is not interested.
  2. If a guy doesn't call you, he doesn't want to call you.
  3. If a guy wants to see you, believe me he will see you
  4. If a guy treating you like he doesn't give a shit, he is genuinely doesn't give a shit. No exception.

Got it?

Random thought: Strangers


These pictures were taken two years ago. The day before the last paper of PASUM. We "studied" English at Mc Donald since the last paper of PASUM was English 2. Glad that the authorities decided to have English as the last paper because right after all of the science subjects paper ended, we hung out.

Randomly, I posted this photo since it has been a week since my last post. I cannot abandon you dear blog, you have been with me since I was 14 years old. I'm growing up with you. From the very basic English entry and till now, I'm sure I have improved a lot.

One of the reason why I blog was because I wanted to improve my English proficiency especially the writing part since right now I seldomly write an essay and I can see the impact when I'm doing my assignments. Among the four skills that are always tested which are Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing, writing is the worst skill that I can handle.

Although there are less people reading my blog nowadays, (since I don't do the automatic synchronization post on my Facebook anymore) but I still love you dear blog. Why I did that? Because I find out that there are too many strangers on my Facebook. I'm okay if strangers who are bloggers or someone who loves to blogwalking come from anywhere to read my blog but if you are on my friend list and you are strangers in real life, I am  a bit uncomfortable with that.


Because, I hate being judged.

Food Review: Bubba Gump Shrimp


I went there with two of my friends. So, three of us went there with hungry tummies. Everything looked delicious, that was the side effect of being hungry. It was not easy to order since, there were various choices of food and one more thing the food portion was big and the platters were suitable for sharing purpose.

I happened to favour Fish and Chips these days so I chose Captain Fish and Chips. It seemed that my choice was worth it. Why? They didn't use the processed fish fillet as what the others restaurants usually do. Although the fish was quite dry but they really mashed the fish and it was fresh! The tartar sauce was nice and suit my taste. Besides, the chips were not the processed chips too, they really made them by themselves.


Vivien ordered Bourbon Skewers. I like the mashed potato, the taste was quite different but it tasted good. The sauce is sweet, Vivien didn't like it but I liked it. Different people with different taste. I just tasted some of it, since I was full because Vivien's platter came a bit late.


While Chuin chose Chicken Quesadila. The taste was marvellous! Somehow the bread was crispy too. The vegetables was like something that we eat with Nasi Mandiy. I don't know how to describe it, but I love the veggies! The sour cream added some more taste to the Quesadila.


The environment was nice, even the waiters and waitress were also friendly. There was this one incident where I wanted to use the sanitizer but then it ran out. So I asked one of them, "Is it finish?"

The waiter came and checked, then he asked the waiter who supposed to re-fill it, but in a good way. He didn't say, "Why you didn't re-fill these?" but in a cheerful way which showed that the working environment there is nice.

Have a nice day!

Makan sebab stress. Hmm..


Aku ada satu tabiat yang tak baik. Setiap kali stress mesti nak makan benda yang sedap-sedap. Kalau setakat makan ikan keli, sambal tempe tu pun dah kira sedap sebenarnya. Cuma ada masa bila aku jadi sedikit gedik nak makan konon-konon macam mat saleh. Eheh.

Jadi bila stress dan ada masa atau pun buat-buat ada masa yang tu bahaya. Sebab, kaki aku akan mula meneroka dan menjelajah ke tempat-tempat yang jauh dan menelan kos. Mungkin semester depan kena sibukkan diri, masuk lagi banyak persatuan kot.

Dah lama tak buat food review. Semalam aku punya stress level boleh tahan tinggi. Sebab minggu lepas sibuk dan terkejar-kejar sangat, ditambah dengan seminar lagi. Dah dua minggu tak jogging, itu pun menyumbang juga. Jadi semalam pukul 2.30 petang aku masuk bilik Vivien dan Chuin. "Jom keluar!"

"Pergi mana?"

"Mana-manalah tapi nak makan."

"Chuin tengah pokai tu."

"Oh, masaklah nak?"

"Nak masak apa?"

"Apa-apa je."

"Okay telefon sewa kereta dulu."

Entah macam mana, boleh sampai The Curve, daripada nak pergi pasar je. Haha

Mula-mula Vivien nak makan Nandos, tapi Nandos macam dah biasa makan. Aku cadang kat dia jom makan Bubba Gum. Sebab teringin nak rasa lepas Farah asyik recommend. 

Memang makanan kat Bubba Gump sedap! Sebab tu kot Farah merajuk sebab tak ajak dia. Ramai merajuk dengan aku semalam. Nawal pun merajuk. Sebab dia ajak jumpa banyak kali tapi aku sibuk. Sibuk-sibuk pun boleh terpacak kat The Curve yang sekangkang kera dengan rumah dia. Tu pun dia yang nampak aku semalam. Okay. Sorry sister! Ampun maaf dipinta.

Dah macam panjang la pulak entri ni. Entah kenapa, sekarang macam senang luah macam ni. Gaya naratif. Ikut suka la orang nak baca tak nak baca. Food review bersambung di entri seterusnya. Heeee

Normal Protocol


Somehow, I just don't like how Meleis conduct an event. Why?

1. The most annoying part is, when we have to wait for two hours before the event starts. Hello if you say it is 7, I will be there at 6.50!

2. The emcee will worship everyone on the stage. Can you just say "Hello! Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen"? But, I'm okay with those figurative languages, pantun, poems and etc. No offense.

3. The speaker will recite the du'a when he starts speaking.  I guess, reciting du'a by yourself is better. You feel much more closer to Allah by that. Can you feel closer to Allah when you are reciting du'a by looking at people who are sitting in front of you?

4. Why the speaker speaks more than 20 minutes when the usual concentration span is just 20 minutes? Can't you just make it sexy and simple?

5. Why the speaker gets big gift? Haha. Ini nak cukupkan lima je.

Awak dah rasa


Awak kena bersyukur Allah hantar macam-macam orang dengan macam-macam perangai sebab Allah nak ajar awak supaya awak tak bertindak sedemikian dan menjengkelkan orang lain.

1. Allah hantar orang yang suka pandang rendah kat awak sebab, Allah nak bagi awak rasa perasaan apabila rasa terhina supaya awak tak pandang rendah pada orang lain. Awak dah rasa macam mana "down" nya perasaan tu, takkan awak nak bagi orang lain rasa jugak?

2. Awak patut bersyukur, awak dah biasa nampak orang yang menunjuk-nunjuk harta diorang. Sekurang-kurangnya awak pernah rasa sedih bila sedar diri ni tak semegah mana. Jadi jangan la nak menunjuk-nunjuk harta yang tak seberapa tu.

3. Awak dah rasa perasaan bila jadi pelajar paling corot. Jadi awak dah faham la betapa sedihnya perasaan dapat keputusan yang maha teruk tu macam mana.

4. Allah dah bagi awak bergaul dengan orang-orang lebih banyak duit, orang-orang yang suka berjoli sakan. Awak tahu dah rasa tengok orang belanja duit macam buka pili air. Bila awak duduk dengan orang kurang berkemampuan jangan la nak tunjuk awak ada duit lebih sikit daripada mereka.

5. Okay Fina? Dah faham? Saja nak cukupkan lima, seperti biasa.



Transcribing is a process where we write the word in its actual way of pronouncing it. I managed to transcribe a two and a half pages of poem today. It took a whole day for me to finish it, but I learnt something besides the phonetics and phonology today.

Well, there were some words that I just found out how to pronounce them correctly. Some of them were,

Dost is pronounced as /dʌst/
Doth is pronounced as /dʌθ/
Victual is pronounced as /vɪtl/

Why was this happening?
That was because I was not familiar with those words.  They were not in the range of my daily vocabulary usage.

What I want to relate is, we can never expect how someone will behave if we don't get to know them closely. I barely see those words and of course I rarely use them, so I didn't know how to pronounce them.

It is the same as if I barely see this one person, how on Earth should I know how that person behave? Get to know people before you judge them. There are lots of stories behind a smile but it is better if you don't judge at all.



Petang tadi, aku menggedik dengan abang di whatsapp. Aku hantar gambar camwhore dalam kuantiti yang banyak. Dengan adik sendiri je la boleh nak hantar gambar vain dan pelik-pelik tu. Kalau nak post di Instagram ataupun laman sosial lain, tak sanggup. Aku baru sedar aku ada perasaan malu. Sekarang rasa kurang selesa kalau orang tengok muka besar-besar.

Jadi dia tanya, "Kakak ni nak pergi mana pakai tudung lawa-lawa?"

Masa aku hantar gambar tu dalam pukul 7.45 pm. Aku sampai kolej dalam pukul 7pm jadi alang-alang ada wudhu' lagi aku terus sembahyang dengan tak tukar baju segala. Pemalas kan?

Memang sekarang kalau pergi kampus, seharian duduk sana. Susah untuk pengguna bas tegar seperti aku kalau nak berulang-alik ke kolej.

Sambung cerita dengan adik aku tadi. Aku jawab la, "Baru balik kelas la ni."

Sebenarnya baru balik dari dewan. Hari ni semua kelas aku dibatalkan. Sebab?  Esok ada seminar, dan aku boleh terlebih aktif nak jadi sukarelawan nak tolong persiapan tempat. Lepas tu ramai lagi yang tak balik ke kampus sebab pandai-pandai tambah cuti raya sendiri. Jadi pensyarah pun tak masuk kelas.

Adik aku tanya lagi, "Tak letih ke?"

"Dah biasa dah."

Alah bisa tegal biasa. Minggu depan mencabar, banyak tugasan yang perlu dihantar. Ada seminar lagi. Minggu depan satu lagi makin mencabar. Lagi banyak tugasan perlu dihantar. Nasib baik lepas tu cuti seminggu. Dah dua bulan tak balik rumah, tapi dua bulan ni rasa sekejap je. Rasa masa berlalu sangat pantas.

Aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku buat entri ni. Padahal benda ni benda normal untuk seorang pelajar universiti tapi sebab aku dah tulis panjang-panjang, buat rugi je kalau padam semua.



I am wondering how those people can use the internet without peeking into their social network accounts while they are finishing their assignments because right now I am abandoning my work and blogging this right now.

I admire those with the critical thinking skills. Those who can think and know how to seek for the information and never do copy and paste method.

I am ashamed of myself. Bye.



I read this when I scrolled through NoorAnwarHadi's Instagram. He is well-known through his YouTube account IniAnwarHadi, the famous Malaysian vlogger. The quote "From today till I die, I shall be called as Cikgu" caught my attention.

Yes! I am a teacher to be, that's why I'm interested.

I'm looking for a novel that is written by Faisal Tehrani, "Sekolah Bukan Penjara, Universiti Bukan Kilang" or in English it might be called as "School Is Not A Prison,  University Is Not A Factory." I knew about the book from his Instagram too.

And now people know that I love to scroll through people's Instagram or professionally known as stalking. Haha

I have a problem. I can't step in to any bookstore. Why? I HAVE to buy lots of books and novels but, my economy status is not that good nowadays. :(

Where is my sugar daddy? I've been waiting for you.

Smash the accent!


I just realized that my pronunciation is actually sucks.

What I thought I spelled it correctly was actually wrong. For example, milk. I happened to pronounce milk as /mek/ when the actual pronunciation is just /milk/.

I found out about this in Phonetics and Phonology class that is taught by Dr. Che Ton, a Malay lecturer who speak exactly like a British although she never studied in Britain. This semester, I am looking forward for her class every single week since her class is very interesting and unique.

Logically, who would be interested in learning how you produce a sound? With saliva sputtering and weird facial expression while producing the sound of each consonants and vowels. 

But, she insisted us to speak exactly like the British. We have to do an impromptu role play, and she did say that anyone who speaks Manglish, American, or any other accent except British will be punished!


Kena cari pakwe mat saleh jap. haha

Oh! This video reminded me that I had to transcribe the poem.

Apple Tea


"Wait for two minutes and the apple tea will be served." The voice came from the kitchen.

'"You can't serve it to us, ha?" Vivien asked.

"I said, wait for two minutes laaa!" Chuin repeated the sentence again.

After about two minutes, two glasses of apple tea were served on our study tables. "I put sugar today, okay?"

"You put sugar?" I asked.

"You put sugar ah?" Vivien repeated my question.

"Of course! My boo boo are Malays, I have to get used to put sugar in the tea for them." 

I drank the tea. "How much sugar that she put, Vien?"

"I don't know. Maybe one and a half."

Hahaha. I just got used to drink tea without sugar but nowadays Chuin always put some sugar in the tea for us and our favourite quote every night is, "Takde gula, you complain takde gula. Ada gula you complain ada gula. Apa you mahu ha?"

I will miss my tea lady.

Write more!


Last time, I decided to not post too much about what I do everyday but somehow, I find that I enjoy reading what people do everyday. Maybe I should start to write mine too, since writing does reduce the stress but I will do it in a fictional way since I do have this one wish to write a novel. Haha. And I should practice too!

I read this somewhere on the net, "Surround yourself with people smarter than you."

I think, I can relate that.

This is from my own experience, when you are in a circle of smart or badass people, you tend to control your own behaviour. You will think before you speak and you will have the motivation to be better. I know, it is a bit fake but then you will have the initiative to improve. Well, which one is better? To be a plastic or to be a better person?

Sleep working out


The day before yesterday, I slept at 3am to finish my assignment which later I found that the due date is in two week. So, I managed to sleep for about half of my sleeping time. Luckily albeit the busy schedules, I managed to not fall asleep in all of the classes. Hence, during the night I decided to not deal with any of those assignments. I ironed my clothes, tidied up my room and arranged my things properly since my room was in a wreckage mode.

By 12am, I went to bed while trying to finish Oedipus Rex, a Greek drama script. At the same time, Vivien was using my laptop, and she stayed in my room. Unconsciously, I fell asleep while reading the script and still didn't finish it. Hailoh! What a bedtime story.

This morning, Vivien asked me, "What are you doing last night? Exercising?"

"Huh? I was sleeping."

"Last night, your hands were like this and I was like, what is with this girl?" She showed me a warming up pose.

"HAHAHAHA. Seriously? Maybe, I acted like that because I didn't go exercise yesterday." Oh no! My body has addicted to exercise. I'm trying to brain this.

A Fortnight Journey - Part (iv) To the beach!


I know, the programme has ended long time ago and yet I still have this one last post to complete the "A Fortnight Journey" series.

So, after tiring two weeks, we were given a few chances to enjoy oursleves to the max at a few beaches. The first beach that we crashed in was Cherating Beach which is about 45 minutes from our camp site.

13. Cherating Beach

What we did? We grilled ourselves in the hot sunny day and get tanned. I still have the tanned line (perasan mat saleh nak tanned bagai, hahaha), it doesn't go away although it has been a month. We were at the beach almost all the time, at night, in the morning and even in the afternoon.

We were having our own sweet time and of course bonding time. We, the girls were gossiping all the time. Haha. The beach is nice for swimming, it just that we were not so lucky since there were lots of jellyfish on Chearting Beach and they were huge!

By the way, it was a seafood day! We were enjoying the fresh crabs and East Coast cuisines such as otak-otak, satar and keropok lekor.

14. Hai Peng Kopitiam

After spending one night at Cherating we moved to Terengganu! Although I am from Terengganu but I never went to the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam. Well, since there is Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT) or East Coast Highway, I don't have the excuse to come to Kemaman anymore. The coffee that I had was great and made me jumpy all night. I was very hyper on that day.

15. Stranded

Seriously, we stranded twice on that journey which supposed to be four hours. First incident was, the front tire got punctured, so we stranded for about 30 minutes there and I had no idea where was that place. After the uncle who drove the van managed to change the tire with the help of two firemen who accidentally passed by that road, we continued the journey and stopped by Kemasek beach and Mesra Mall.

Second incident happened after we had dinner at Mesra Mall. It was 10 or maybe 11 pm, can't recall the specific time. This time, the back left tire burst! 

Luckily, we stopped in front of a barber shop and the barber let us in. With the help of one of the customer, the driver managed to buy a new tire and changed it in an hour. Uncle! You were our saviour! Weirdly, everyone was in positive vibe and randomly, Josh got a haircut.

16. Kemasek Beach
I used to pass by this beach a lot of times before, but since there is LPT, we didn't use this route anymore. The beach was untouched but since there are a food court and a recreational park built here, people have the access to the beach. This made me quite unhappy as people start to ruin this place but still this place is breathtakingly beautiful.

17. Kuala Terengganu

We reached Kuala Terengganu at 12am, everyone went to bed as fast as they can. Since we had to attend Saiful's wedding on the next day. Who is Saiful? Saiful was the treasurer of Projek Kalsom 19. 

We started the morning by visiting Pasar Payang. The girls did some shopping. We bought batik and stuff. Then, we went to Saiful's wedding. The wedding was nice. There were various of food selection and we feasted joyously. We started with Nasi Dagang, then followed by desserts such as cendol, apam balik and ice cream. Next, after roaming around the place we had Nasi Minyak and grilled mutton! We ate as much as we can since the next activity would be an exhausting one.

18. Pulau Kapas

Let's go to the beach, each
Let's go get away, they say

We kept singing that line since we were at Cherating Beach. Spending the whole week by the beach, surely will change the skin colour. After attending Saiful's wedding, we headed to Pulau Kapas for a day trip! I never knew that we can do a day trip, it costed only RM50! Just bring some food and maybe a tent would be great. 

We went for a two hours snorkelling session, although it was a hot sunny day but we were enjoying ourselves.

We spent about 5 hours there, and then moved back to mainland. Since my semester break would end in a few days time, I had to part with them earlier since I was already in Terengganu. So, they went back to KL and continued the journey. 

Finally! I finished this post after procrastinating to the max!

Spill It Fina


I'm falling in 
I'm falling down
I wanna begin
But I don't know how

I wouldn't wanna be somebody else, hey
You made me insecure, told me I wasn't good enough

Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road

Save tonight and fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow - I'll be gone

I'm weird cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell

Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

(Hearts on Fire, Who Says, Fireworks, Save Tonight, Fireflies, Let Her Go)

I secretly wish that I'm good in writing.

Kamen Rider!


A weird act but randomly done in a synchronization. This is brotherhood.

A picture that I got from Mahadhir and I have no idea when did this happen.

I find it is cute.

Now, all of them are scattered around the globe. 

p/s: I miss school. 

A Fortnight Journey - Part (iii) Projek Kalsom 19


12. Projek Kalsom 19!

Hey there! Sorry for the delay, so this is the third post for "A Fortnight Journey" series. This is the main part of this journey, Projek Kalsom 19.

What is Projek Kalsom?

"Projek Kalsom is a collaborative project between Kelab Kalsom and United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC). It is a motivational programme for Form 4 students who have excelled in their studies but come from less fortunate backgrounds. It is run by Malaysian students enrolled in universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but students from other universities are also welcomed to join as volunteers. The programme runs approximately one week."

I knew about this programme from Nawal who invited me to join this programme along with her but somehow it turned out I was the only one who submitted the form. There were mix of feelings when I received the email that said I was accepted as one of the facilitators. Joy, insecure, inferior, excited and everything at the same time. Excited as I would do something beneficial during my semester break but inferior when I thought of the friends that I would meet in Projek Kalsom, since most of them are studying abroad and I'm in local university.


That was actually nothing. They treat me without any difference and they are really cool people!

They are professional.
They are flexible.
They are crazy!
They are awesome.
and most of them are older than me... but they treat me like friends.

Well, I was from boarding school, so age difference was a big thing before this.

From my own perspective, Projek Kalsom does change my point of view. It makes me realize that I'm lucky enough and I should be grateful. There was once, during this one activity where we supposed to share about our dreams and then the students shared their dreams and what made them to dream like that. Some of them had gone through lots of barriers and deep inside myself I knew I could not  be as strong as them if I was at their place.

Some of them lost the father at such a young age
Some of them never got encouraged
Some of them never knew what the outside world is like
Some of them had to do something that they didn't want
Some of them had no confidence
Some of them never know their potential
Some of them were very uncomfortable with English usage
Some of them were clueless

I also learnt that you can never judge someone from their appearance, you don't know the story behind. There was one student who seemed cheerful, energetic and very confident, but you never know that she lost her father when she was still in her mum's womb. Growing up without the presence of father and seeing your mum crying everyday is not an easy thing to handle.

Projek Kalsom 19 made me realize what I want to do in my life. At first, one of the thing that made me wanna be a teacher was when I saw some of my friends failed to get offered for their desired course due to their language incompetency although they scored the core subjects pretty well. 

Besides, I failed most of my interviews due to my low competency in speaking skills. My personal achievement in dealing with interviews is I passed only one out of five interviews. The kind of interviews that involve big shot, important people, serious talk and everything not that random interview while applying part-time jobs or to enter a club.

I've told you in my older post that I had no confidence to speak English at all when I was 18 years old. This is one of the reason why I joined Kalsom, I don't want them to go through that experience. The experience when you want to give opinion in English but due to language barrier you cannot voice it out.

Now, I realize what I want to do in my life. I have this one hope, my hope is to inspire people and creating a more confident society. So, the most suitable place to start is in school!

I learnt a lot from these kids. They inspire me. It was a priceless experience that I will never trade with anybody.

I become more confident
I want to contribute more
I want to draw my future
I will apply the SMART technique
I want to be that kind of teacher who touches the heart not the brain.

I'm not going to tell you in details what we had gone through during the five days camp, but if you are interested please go to the Facebook page of Projek Kalsom and please like it! There are lots of pictures there.

These are the awesome facis and committees!

And we were on The Star!

A Fortnight Journey - Part (ii) Felda Keratong


22nd August 2013
We moved to our second destination, Felda Keratong. Wow! Every family in Felda owns at least a tablet, lots of handphones and even an astro decoder!

Valerie and I were placed in the same foster family house. We were lucky to get Pak Cik Salleh and family. They were so nice and their deeds can't be paid by money.

We had a nice tea time that evening, and Valerie also had the chance to ride a motorbike. At night, they brought us to the food court, that gave Valerie the chance to taste more Malaysian food. She tried, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Satay, Yong Tau Foo and Tom Yam.

23rd August 2013
7. Keratong Secondary School
We gathered at the Keratong Secondary School at 7.45am. They served us breakfast but then our foster family had served us loads of food from Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak and some desserts. I never got hungry when I was in Keratong.

The session started by Zuli told us his story, his hardship and what he had achieved. It was inspiring. My favourite quote was "Don't pray for your life to get easier, but pray for yourself to be stronger."

There were few modules conducted but everything was about to make the students feel confident to speak in English.

In the evening, we had a futsal match, I am no good at sport except for jogging but I tried to play and I think I played like a fool.

At night, we went to an open house. This time, Valerie got the chance to try  Lontong, Lemang and Rendang.

We went home, and before going to bed we did gossip and the funniest thing was:

24th August 2013
8. Keratong 1 Primary School
The kids were much more exciting. It was much easier to get their co-operation compared to the secondary school students. They were cheerful and energetic!

I found that it was much easier to remember a naughty kid's name compared to the shy one, so kids please be naughty!

These kids were impressive, one of them could even make a complex sentence when we asked them to make a sentence about market. She gave me this sentence, "There are lots of people doing various things in the market." Jaw dropped!

9. Mak Lang's Open House

Mak Lang is actually Zuli's aunt. Her house is really cool! There is one small hut, where people play carom and on that day, we learnt how to make ketupat at the hut.

Sincerely, I never knew how to make ketupat and even my mum always buys the ready made ketupat from the supermarket. It was hard for me at first but nothing can beat the hard work, after lots of trials and three teachers including my foster parents, I managed to finish one.

The food was nice! There were laksa, lemang, mee kari, satay and coconut jelly which Valerie took some home.

10. Badminton Match

At that night, we went to the Badminton Court. The court was so nice and I could not believe that it was in a Felda. Kak Syahira picked us up. She was among the important people who made this programme happened. She is pretty, nice and knows most of the sports that we played from futsal, hand ball and badminton.

I played three games, but I could only remember the last game where I was partnering with Kak Syahira before partnering with Joe. We were against Zuli and Farid. It was hilarious. We were laughing all the time.

Went home at 11pm, and this really made me guilty when my foster dad woke up my foster mum and she prepared us some snack. Guilty all over again.

25th August 2013
11. Palm Oil Visit
This was the most exciting part ever! We were lucky that, we could get on the pick up truck! I never had the chance to be on one, and on that day my wish was granted. We had fun on the joy ride moment!

We visited a palm oil and that was the first time I knew about how the palm fruits are harvested. Then, the worker brought us to the farther side of the Felda where there is a suspension bridge there. They also did bring us to the palm oil refinery. There was a video captured when we were on the pick up truck but I think the video is a bit inappropriate to be shown.

Kak Syahira did also treat us with ice-cream and at last got the chance to eat "potong" ice cream after a long time.

That was the last day in Keratong. The next destination was Kuantan. Stay tuned!

A Fortnight Journey - Part (i) KL


In a fortnight there were lots of things happened, lots of packing happened, lots of pictures taken and lots of memories were created. I wanted to make a single long post but in the end I gave up, I had to split it into few different posts. So this is the post for the KL, Selangor and Putrajaya part.

18th August 2013
1. Sab's Open House

I took a bus to KL on Saturday night and Farah picked me up at 7 in the morning. We went for a breakfast and while waiting for Syi, we went to FRIM in Kepong. It was a random decision.

Since Eid Celebration in KL is in one full month so it is not weird if there is at least one open house invitation for every weekend. It is different compared to the East Coast Malaysia. Coincidentally, on that particular week, Sab invited us to her open house at Kota Damansara. At Sab's place, I managed to meet lots of my PASUM's friends which I had not meet since I left PASUM.

We had chit-chat and photography session but I had to leave early to attend a programme. Luckily Nawal my schoolmate who happened to be Sab's neighbour was there to send me to the LRT station. Thanks dear!

19th August 2013
2. Putrajaya

The reason why I was in KL because I participated as one of the local facilitator in Commonwealth Cultural Programme. It was a programme where we as Malaysians introduce our local culture to the British Facilitators. Commonwealth Cultural Programme is a sub-programme for Projek Kalsom 19 which is a motivational programme for youth, age around 16 years old.

For the first day, we brought them to the administrative capital which is Putrajaya. 

3. Soup Kitchen for The Soul

At night, we went to a charity event called PERTIWI Soup Kitchen. Basically the event is about feeding the homeless people. I've been wanting to participate in this kind of event since long ago, and finally CCP gave me the opportunity to get involved.

What I learned on that night was, "Don't judge them, we don't know their stories."

20th August 2013
4. KL Tour
Although I've been living in KL for a year during my PASUM days, but I never went to Central Market or Petaling Street and I don't have the memory if my parents had brought me there when I was small. The worst is, I never thought CM would have air-cond in it, pity me.

We went to Kasturi Walk and Petaling Street. Bumped into Najah but could no talk, just a quick hug because we were rushing. Then, we went to MATIC (Malaysia Tourism Centre) to watch a cultural show. The dances were awesome!

After watching the dance, we went to KLCC. Got sometime to grab something before heading back to our hostel but then we the girls rushed back to Petaling Street because Romana lost her dress that she bought at CM, so we went to buy the dress again and this time, I bought one dress too.

Managed to get back to the hostel and had dinner together with the rest. It was an amazing race!

A video of Joe who was trying Cendol. It seemed like he didn't like it.

5. Sleepover with The Jaggers!

After the dinner, I managed to sneak out with the committee's approval to Dina's house for a sleepover with the Jaggers! At last, I could meet all of them!

21st August 2013
6. Free Day

In the morning, we had a quest. For the British facilitators, they had to ask a few questions to the locals while the local facilitators had to gather some messages from the Malaysian.

It was hard for us to find someone who is willing to do so. They thought we were trying to collect some donation and we even met some police officers and they asked for our identity cards too. I thought, I was Malaysian enough for them to not care about me but I was wrong.

The activities ended at half past ten, we went to KLCC for lunch, it was Zamri's treat. He wanted our friends Valerie and Romana to try the Nasi Lemak and Satay.

Then, I went to meet Farah and Atul at Debenham's while the others went to visit the National Mosque. I tried the Churos that Farah loves, the Churos was crispy and the taste was nice.

After saying goodbyes, Farah and Atul went home, while I wandered alone around Lot 10 and accidentally bought a pair of flats. Sorry mum, but I need a decent flats to go with baju kurung and dress since I brought sneakers and trainers only.

It was 3pm, so I decided to go back to the hostel and took a nap since I didn't get enough sleep from the previous night. Woke up and boredom strike, there was no one there. Everyone went out, I wanted to have dinner but bored of the food from the nearest restaurant. 

Although, it was night but I went out alone because I was very hungry. Luckily the area was bright and there were lots of people so I went to Subway and had a take away. On my way back, I got the chance to see some prostitutes trying to sell themselves. Feewwitt!

I know my parents would be mad if they know this. So... Shhh!!

To be continued...

Harry Potter in Terengganu!


It happened like this,

On a Saturday night, we were on our way to Terengganu. It happened that, one of the tires of our mini bus bursted. So, we stranded at roadside in a barber shop.

The most random thing happened was, Josh got a hair cut and suddenly he looked like the Harry Potter main cast, Daniel Radcliffe. So the topic Harry Potter came out and then I asked them how they pronounce Harry Potter?

I sound like a witch! Sorry for being hyper that night, I drank a glass of coffee at Hai Peng Kopitiam and it drove me crazy!



The last time I met them was two years ago, and after that there were lots of meeting up plan but I could not make it, since I am the only one who comes from the East Coast Malaysia. We come from different places with different background but weirdly, eight of us can clique with each others. At first, I thought I didn't have the chance to meet them but on the day of the event, I managed to skip after dinner. Finally, I could meet them!

We had a sleepover at Dina's place with some pizzas and games. Slept at 3am, and woke up at 7am since they had to send me back to the venue where I stayed for my programme.

Thanks Dina for the place!
Thanks Farisha for the drive!
Thanks Hana for the great co-piloting skills!
Thanks Mariam for the care!
Thanks Nisa for making it happened!
Thanks Aisha for the games!
Thanks Azlin for coming from Ipoh and the Sharpie too!

Being Giddy


An impromptu planning is really my style but somehow my parents can't tolerate that really well. Luckily, they still allow me to go travelling alone.

These pictures were taken last Sunday during Sab's open house. The plan was decided the night before. Random.

As I didn't prepare much, Farah asked me to wear her kebaya. Luckily, I could fit in and I was wearing sneaker but Farah said,  "Buruk baju aku nanti." which means inappropiate to wear with her kebaya, so Syi lent me her heels, still I was lucky since we are wearing the same size.

I was glad, I managed to meet one part of my PASUM's family and I wish I can join The Jaggers for the sleepover tonight.

What is my name?



That is my full name. 

People tend to spell and pronounce my name wrongly, i.e; SYA-FA-RI-NA, SA-FA-RI-NA, SYA-FI-NA

So, I am comfortable in introducing myself as Fina because it is easier for them to pronounce and remember. 

Hi! My name is Fina! Nice to meet you.

Strangers do not know my name. Obvious fact.

Stranger: I might know your name but you do not know mine, vice versa or we don't even know each others

Acquaintances usually call me Syarafina.

Acquaintance: We might meet in an event, camp, class, school, university or any random places where we know each others' names but not the our life history.

Friends call me Fina.

Friend: You know a bit about me, and I know a bit about you. We can go hang out comfortably without any awkward moment. 

Good friends call me Finn.

Good Friend: You are the person, who I can comfortably go crash your place and sleep over! The person who I can eat what you are eating without asking. The person who I can share about what I feel. 

Best friends call me Bitch and sometime Sayang. Ahah!

Best friend: Hi bitch! Hi sayang! Kiss there kiss here! Hug there hug here! Mmuaahhh! Someone that I feel comfortable to do weird things with. My pom pom girl! Someone that I can share anything. I am actually a secretive person. 

Old friends call me depends on what status they are before this.

Old friend: Someone that I barely contact nowadays but I do appreciate them as part of my life. The thing that I am afraid everytime I go to a mini-gathering or reunion is the awkward moment that may appear. Since we do not meet often, and we somehow lost contact or don't keep the connection ongoing so there might be some problems arise during the conversation.

Internet friends call me by my user name, it can be Syarafina Sabri or Afina Sabri.

Internet friend: Blogger that comes here since long ago, and then we become friends. People that share mutual friends with me, although we never meet in the real life. Someone that has interest in my personality that I portray through my social networks or any random person that I know via Internet.

So... Hi there!

Facebook Friends


Dear Facebook Friends,

I think there are lots of you that I don't know in person. We might be acquaintances or maybe  real strangers that we have never met before, just saying hi or have the same thought on a particular thing, or some familiar faces from camps, or maybe we always bump to each other but never talk. 

I didn't know what have made me to approve you? Maybe you have some quality that attract me or some special power that make me want to stalk you. I remind you, I am a professional stalker.

I didn't approve strangers, unless we have more than hundreds mutual friends, you went to the same school with me (this is not applied to university and college) or you have the quality or super power and sometime although you have all of these criteria I still didn't approve you. It depends on my mood. I just don't want my Facebook friends to exceed one thousand. I need to save some space for my future students because from my own experience, Facebook is the easiest way to contact my teachers.

So, this is a special post for you dear Facebook friends:

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Advanced Birthday!

A card found in Typo



Bila kawan dengan orang baik-baik, kita pun akan terasa nak buat baik. 

Kindness does spread.

Contoh paling senang,

1. Pemakaian
Bila berkawan dengan kawan-kawan yang menutup aurat, yang tudung semuanya menutupi dada, tangan bersarung "handsock", kaki ditutupi stokin, baju labuh dan tidak menampakkan bentuk badan, dalam masa yang sama kita pun akan terdetik rasa untuk berpakaian sebegitu. Bila jumpa ramai-ramai, akan rasa segan kalau diri tu kurang sempurna bila menutup aurat. Peer pressure tu sebenarnya kuat, lagi-lagi dalam kalangan perempuan.

Kawan-kawan saya yang cantik :)

2. Ilmu
Sekarang, remaja banyak berkomunikasi menggunakan media sosial. Surat-menyurat memang jarang, poskad pula untuk orang klasik semacam aku, sms pun untuk benda-benda penting sahaja. Ya lah, internet percuma kan merata-rata, jadi lebih baik gunakan apa yang ada. 

Bila berkawan di laman sosial ini, kalau kawan ramai yang suka menyebarkan ilmu-ilmu agama, tazkirah, motivasi. Dalam masa yang sama kita pun akan sama terpengaruh sedikit. Biarpun bukan kita yang berkongsi, sekadar membaca pun sudah memadai tapi pastikan apa yang dibaca itu diselidik juga, jangan dipercayai bulat-bulat semuanya.

3. Adab
Bila ramai kawan-kawan yang baik mengikuti perkembangan harian kita melalui laman sosial, kita pasti akan rasa segan untuk berkongsi perkara yang bukan-bukan ataupun meluahkan perasaan sesuka hati. Selain itu, adab juga akan terjaga. Tiada sumpah seranah dan sebagainya.

Contohnya, bila ada lelaki baik-baik ikuti kita (gadis) di Twitter, takkan kita nak menggedik sesuka hati di sana. Jatuh maruah nanti. T.T

4. Pom-pom girl!
Ada pom-pom girl yang sentiasa bagi semangat pada kita, sangat seronok! Bila ada masalah, bila dalam fasa berduka, kita ada orang yang menyokong dari belakang dan untuk menyokong dari belakang tanpa pakai ayat bodek yang tak bermakna bukan senang. Contoh ayat tak bermakna, 

    "Takpe, nanti boleh buat lagi." 
    "It's okay, I know you will do better."
    "Be patient, you are strong my dear."

Ayat-ayat di atas bagi tekanan perasaan kot pada aku. Rasa ada beban bila dengar ayat macam tu. Cuba kalau dengar ayat macam kat bawah ni:

    "Kau punya result macam mana, okay?"
    "Sedihhh... Aku dapat 3.00 je."
    "Oooo... Alhamdulillah."
    "Kenapa cakap Alhamdulillah? Aku tahu la aku tak berapa pandai macam kau."
    "Mana ada aku tak cakap pun aku lagi pandai, kalau dapat 2.50 macam mana? Kena fikir, ada lagi orang      yang dapat lagi rendah daripada kau punya, macam mana perasaan dia kalau dia tahu kau tak bersyukur        dengan kau punya result?"
     "Betul jugak."
    "Itu mungkin satu isyarat daripada Allah, Allah nak suruh kau tingkatkan usaha, nak suruh kau tengok            balik hubungan antara kau dan DIA. Pointer rendah bukan membuktikan kau bodoh, cuma rezeki kau           belum sampai yang penting kau dah usaha yang terbaik. Allah lihat pada usaha kau bukan hasilnya."

And, sometimes harsh words are better.

     "Is this the right thing to do?"
     "Nope. It is stupid to keep hoping for something that has disappeared."

5. Judgmental
Kalau kita buat sesuatu yang mungkin salah, (yalah manusia takkan lari daripada kesilapan) tapi kawan kita takkan menilai apa-apa tanpa bertanya dahulu. Orang kata "Never assume but ask."

Contohnya,  Awak pelajar baru, pindah ke Terengganu di mana kebanyakan perempuan memakai tudung disebabkan kerelaan sendiri, paksaan ibu bapa atau budaya. Manakala, awak tak pakai tudung, kawan-kawan awak semua pakai. Kalau kawan yang baik, dia akan cuba kenal dengan awak dan tahu latar belakang awak bukan terus memulaukan awak dan juga mempersoalkan cara pemakaian awak.

Bukan senang untuk seorang gadis yang datang dari keluarga yang emaknya tak pakai tudung, kakaknya tak pakai tudung, sepupu-sepapat semua tak bertudung untuk tiba-tiba bertudung tapi bila satu hari Allah nak bukakan pintu hati untuk bertudung, awak mungkin akan menutup aurat lebih baik daripada rakan-rakan yang lain. Contoh yang terkenal, Maria Elena. Hidayah itu milik Allah, tugas seorang kawan yang baik akan sentiasa mendoakan kebaikan kawannya.

Satu lagi contoh,

    "Hari ni dah 20 Ramadhan, awak dah baca juzu' berapa?"
    "Juzu' 2."
    Never assume but ask.

    "Awak mula hari tu juzu' berapa?"
    "Wah, sikit lagi nak complete satu quran untuk bulan Ramadhan!"

6. Amal
Kawan-kawan yang baik akan sentiasa mengajak kita melakukan amal yang baik.

   "Hom bagi makanan kat homeless people!"
   "Nak pergi tak Seminar ......... "
   "Jom, basuh telekung surau nak?"
   "Nah buku ni best, awak nak baca tak?"

Salam Ramadhan! Spread the kindness in you :)

Eight, part (ii) - KT


The journey didn't stop,  I shall continue my journal.

Day 7: Iftar with girlfriends!
The bus was comfy and we slept all the way to Terengganu. I had my cold Zinger Burger on the bus for sahur, and it seemed like it was the best Zinger Burger I ever tasted. Maybe,  I was hungry. We reached KT at dawn, and coincidentally met Fakhrul who took bus from Perlis. His earlier plan which to go to Pikah's house suddenly changed when he met us. Ani picked us up at 6 in the morning. Slept for a bit before went out to buy dates for souvenir for the teachers and then picked up Nawal and Diyana at the airport (the same Nawal from the previous day, if you are wondering).

Then, stopped by a keropok lekor shop to buy keropok before going back to Ani's house. The next thing we did was packing the dates into a smaller number since we bought a box of 5kg dates. While doing that, Pikah came.

After Zuhur, we went to Pasar Payang before picking up Pah and Kak Long. There were lots of picking up session on that particular day. Then, we went to the hospital to visit Epul's father who was warded the day before.

Met Epul and had a chit chat at the outside of the building since it was not the visiting hour. Then Hafiz Firdaus, Ain, Ayong and Tikah joined us and the next person who came was Hafiz Ghani.

We split up at the hospital. Ani moved first with others to pick up Ira and Ci Ah. While I went to Ani's place with Ain and both Hafiz Ghani and Hafiz Firdaus after we stayed there a bit while Ayong and Tikah went to visit Epul's family and then they picked up Tasha.

We went back to Ani's house to clean up and perform Asar prayers and then we went to the Bazaar Ramadhan before proceeding to Sya's house where the Iftar (KT) was held.

We reached Sya's place at 7pm (*lambaatttt) and found Zue, Najah, Piqah, Fakhrul, Jatul, Fiza and her friend had arrived.

We had Nasi Minyak and lots of kuih-muih. It was a food heaven and what made it better was, it was free!  Qilut reached there after we finished our meal. Poor Qilah, she missed the bus due to some technical problems. Then, we walked to the mosque to perform Isya' and Taraweeh.

#DoneTaraweeh pose!

After Taraweeh we ate again and then we did "rewang"! I could see reliable faces if I wanna hold events later. hahaha
Anak dara.

Najah had to excuse herself earlier since she was working with her sister, so she invited us to go to her booth at TTC. We went there and had a look, it was a Raya Fair (I guess). There were variety of clothes there, from Baju Kurung, Baju Melayu, Jubah, Skirt and lots of more. We supposed to buy clothes there but ended up by buying crackers and drinks only.

After wandering around for about 30 minutes, we went to Ani's house for a sleepoverrrr!! The second sleepover after school year. The last time was in a homestay. I became robot due to tiredness, and less talk was done by me although everyone else was still active. I'm sorryyyy

Day 8: Rombongan Meminang!
Ani woke us up at 4.30 am after she re-heated the leftover from last night for us. Ani can be a good mother. Sob sob. (Terharu).

After sahur, we took turn to use the iron, toilet and everything. So, when it was almost 9am, we start moving to the school but before that we had a photoshoot session! The pictures came out nicely. It was like eid already.

There were five cars, and in total there were 21 of us and we were joined by Imran, Fitri and Amri later. Met lots of teachers, since it was Ramadhan, so most of the teachers were there.

This was the third time I went to re-visit my school and somehow I do feel tired of it because when you go there frequently you have nothing to share anymore and sometime it will be krik krik krik. Maybe I should make it less next year, I should focus on the quality not quantity.

After performing our Zuhur prayer at the mosque, we split up and I took a bus that evening and reached home safe and sound. Finally, this post has reached its end. Voila!