Speak well


Speaking in a foreign language is not an easy thing to be mastered. Well, that is my opinion because I've been struggling for this past years to acquire that skill.

So, what is needed in order to speak well?

1. Linguistic Competence
Lots of people do not know what linguistic does mean. Actually, I just knew it too.Linguistic is a scientific study of language. I'm taking the subject now. Sincerely, it does give me headache. Lots of things to be understood and memorized.

What do I learn in Linguistic?
- Morphology and Syntax ( Basically this is Grammar)
-Phonetic and Phonology ( The way of pronouncing)
- Meaning of Language ( Something with simile, idioms and lots of more)

If you have a good grip in Linguistic, so you know the rules and regulations.

2. Linguistic Performance
To understand is a complete different thing than to perform. You have study the foreign language since you were in primary school or maybe since you were in kindergarten but can you perform well? There might be a  student who scored A+ in English for SPM but it doesn't mean he can speak well.

It is from my own experience, because I scored A+ but I'm not a good English speaker at that period of time, that was the reason why I failed my interview. There are some of my friends who can speak well in English although they don't score A+.

3. Sociolinguistic Competence
Social. How do you socialize? Everywhere you go you will face different society. This competence is the ability to adjust your language in different context with an understanding of social cultural according to the society. It is totally different when you are in your hometown and you are in school or college.

For example, if I speak English with my friends, sometime we do speak like this "I miss you bitch!". This might be inappropriate if someone heard this kind of word but for us it is how we show our love towards each other.

Besides, language is dynamic. It change according to time. The word "Google" is now accepted in the dictionary and our daily conversation. "Go google my name!". Initially Google is just a search engine but now it is accepted as a verb.

4. Strategic Competence 
Everyone has their own weaknesses. I do to. Anyone who wants to improve their ability will use strategies to overcome their weaknesses in the knowledge of language. 

I cannot speak well in English till I was in PASUM. Luckily, I was surrounded by people who has good speaking competence. I adapted myself around them. I started with simple sentences. Well, don't try to impress people by using bombastic words, it will reveal how dumb you are later on.

Actually, this is what I got from my Listening and Speaking class. I just feel like I want to share it, so I did.

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